10 Foods & Drinks Your Favourite Korean Celebs Love

10 October 2017

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Can’t get enough of your favourite Korean celebrities? Curious about their eating habits? If you’ve always wondered what your Korean idols eat and wanted to try whatever it is they’re eating, check out the 10 foods and drinks loved by your K-idols:

Dara (2NE1) - RamenDara (2NE1) - Ramen

Dara is the former member of K-Pop girl group 2NE1. The influential Korean star loves a good bowl of steaming ramen after a hard day at work. Nothing beats soupy dishes on rainy days too!

Donghae (Super Junior) – Sundubu SoupDonghae (Super Junior) – Sundubu Soup

Donghae of Super Junior or SUJU, a South Korean boy band, is a fan of sundubu soup. The scrumptious and hearty soup consists mainly of egg, veggies, meat or seafood and soft tofu, with a tinge of spiciness.

Tiffany (Girl’s Generation) – Avocado ToastTiffany (Girl’s Generation) – Avocado Toast

American born Tiffany Hwang of Girl’s Generation loves to munch on avocado toast to keep her skin looking healthy and glowing, while maintaining a good diet. Avocado toast is the perfect breakfast meal which keeps you full for a good 3-4 hours.

Seohyun (SNSD) – Sweet PotatoesSeohyun (SNSD) – Sweet Potatoes

The gorgeous Seohyun of girl group SNSD reportedly brings sweet potatoes with her wherever she travels. An excellent source of vitamin A and other nutrients, sweet potatoes serve as the perfect snack, not to mention how tasty they are!

Sunye (Wonder Girls) - TteokbokkiSunye (Wonder Girls) - Tteokbokki

Sunye, the former leader and main vocalist of girl group Wonder Girls, is a missionary who is nuts about tteokbokki, a popular Korean street food. The spicy and sticky dish consists of fish cake, gochujang (red chilli paste), and rice.

Doojon (Beast) – Korean Fried ChickenDoojoon (Beast) – Korean Fried Chicken

South Korean singer and actor Doojoon can’t get enough of Korean fried chicken. Also known as KFC or chikin in Korea, the Korean-style fried chicken comes in a variety of seasoning and style. One of the most loved KFC is yangnyeom chikin, where the fried chicken is coated in gochujang sauce with sesame seeds.

Goo Hara – Mixed SmoothieGoo Hara – Mixed Smoothie

Actress and former member of girl group Kara Goo Hara turns to beauty smoothie consisting of milk, walnuts, blueberries, almonds and bananas to keep her skin healthy and glowing.

Go Hyun Jung – Fresh Raw SaladsGo Hyun Jung – Fresh Raw Salads

Renowned South Korean actress Go Hyun Jung is a massive fan of fresh fruits and veggies, and her diet mainly consists of them. She routinely avoids anything spicy and salty, while bulking up on raw salads, fresh fruits or juices, grapefruit tea, and organic vitamin B and C to keep her skin looking smooth and clean.

Park Shin Hye - HoneyPark Shin Hye - Honey

It’s no secret that honey offers plenty of health benefits, so it’s not a surprise when actress and singer Park Shin Hye has been eating honey since her younger days. While honey has benefits of its own, like keeping your skin healthy, it can also cause harm especially for those with insulin intolerance. Consume in moderation.

Kim Hee Sun – Red Ginseng ExtractKim Hee Sun – Red Ginseng Extract

What is actress Kim Hee Sun’s secret to graceful aging? Besides consuming plenty of fresh fruit and veggie juice, she also relies on red ginseng extract for increased immunity and healthy skin. Unsurprisingly, she was cast to play a high school student in Angry Mom due to how youthful she looks.


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Written by Dayana Sobri

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