10 homeware stores in Seoul to know

23 October 2016


The South Korean homeware business is a nascent industry brimming with potential. With the global craze on Korean culture, the industry is seeing rapid growth just like the country’s fashion industry. According to The Korea Herald, the domestic homeware market grew more than 30 percent to 20.1 trillion won (US$17.8 billion) in 2013 from 2010.

There’s now a growing interest in home furnishing, and with the rise of income level of South Koreans, lifestyle retail stores start popping up to meet the demand. From traditional Korean knickknacks to Scandinavian-style furniture, there are plenty of shops that cater to your taste:

Market m*


Market m* is the upmarket version of IKEA that sells wooden furniture and other household things from Korea and Japan. If minimalism is the theme of your home, Market m* has plenty of simple yet functional furniture and goods for your everyday living in neutral and cool colours.

Market m*, 5 Jahamun-ro 13-gil, Jongno-gu



The largest homeware store in Gangnam, Rooming boasts a diverse product selection that includes lighting, artwork which sell for millions of won, decorative knickknacks and artsy furniture. The store stocks plenty of products by top designers, such as Poul Henningsen and Enzo Mari.

Rooming, Seorae-ro 6, Seocho-gu



H-pix stocks plenty of foreign brands with Scandinavian aesthetics. Some of the brands worth checking out include Odeme, Hay, Beija Flor, Menu, and Donna Wilson.

H-pix, Itaewon-ro 54-gil, 20 Yongsan-gu

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Chapter 1


Chapter 1 sells local and foreign brands as well as its own line of jujube tree-inspired collection Naknak, and brassware and wooden collection Jandam. One of its signature items on sale includes the handmade tableware.

Chapter 1, The Paper Building, 48 Nonhyeon-ro 151-gil, B1 Gangnam-gu

Jonginamoo Gallery


Jonginamoo Gallery is the place to buy traditional-styled Korean furniture and decorative items, including a variety of lamps with hanji-made shades (‘hanji’ is Korean for handmade paper) for those who appreciate the Korean aesthetics.

Jonginamoo Gallery, 3 Bukchon-ro 5-gil, Jongno-gu

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A pottery store selling natural glazed pottery, Yido also organises pottery classes for those looking to create a more personalised piece. The store’s complex includes a pottery academy, a basement café and a gallery.

Yido, 191 Changdeokgung-gil, Jongno-gu



Considered to be one of Korea’s first lifestyle brands, JAJU’s goal is to offer simple, affordable well-designed household products that cater to the masses. It’s often referred to as the Korea’s version of Muji, a Japanese lifestyle brand. JAJU’s unique and colourful selections of banchan plates are a bestseller.

JAJU, 15, Dosan-daero 13-gil, Gangnam-gu

Kosney Lifestyle Shop


Kosney is a spacious shopping mall that offers virtually everything, including homeware. The store also offers assistance for foreigners in Japanese and English. Some of its popular products on sale include the marble and copper collection, jewel box collection, and fabric storage basket collection.

Kosney, 27, Myeongdong 8-gil, Jung-gu

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J’aime blanc


J’aime blanc is the go-to store for parents looking to renovate or decorate their babies and children’s room. The two-storey store stocks adorable, colourful furniture and decorative pieces that appeal to children and the young at heart.

J’aime blanc, Hannam-daero 20-gil 21 Yongsan-gu

8 Colors


Stocking a variety of vintage-inspired items along with its own cushion collection, 8 Colors is worth trawling through. Local brands on sale at the store include Main and Roh. 8 colors also carries international brands like House Doctor and Hay.

8 Colors, Youngkwang Building, 35 Bangbaero 42-gil, Seocho-gu

Written by Dayana Sobri


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