10 inspiring home office spaces

01 August 2016

Whether you have a tiny corner, or a dedicated room at home, here are 10 spaces to get you inspired to make your home office work for you.

Studio lights

Add in overhead studio lights for directional lighting while saving table space. Ideal for high ceilings. Be sure to throw in a hanging plant while you’re at it!

home office 14

Natural lighting

One of our favourite elements when choosing a workspace is to incorporate as much natural lighting as possible. Set up shop by the window and bring the outdoors in with a sturdy office plant.

home office 3

Install a giant mood wall

Think beyond the frame. We’re absolutely loving the idea of a giant mood board.

Home Story

Add bold coloured furniture

Keep the rest of the setup minimal and add a bold coloured piece.

home office 5

Incorporate artwork 

If your workspace faces the wall, use a large artwork as your looking glass. Better yet, DIY the piece.

home office 8

The shared workspace

If you’re running meetings from home, opt for a long table — but remember to keep it clutter free! Add texture with a faux fur throw and DIY that wire rack for an industrial mood board.

home office 9

Strictly business

A dark coloured feature wall will easily set the mood. Keep it serious with a monochromatic tone.

home office 11

The stand-out rug

Brighten up your home with a colourful rug. A perfect excuse to pick up those local handicrafts while travelling.

home office 6

Add texture

Change up your usual furniture with a woven rattan office chair and a wool rug while keeping a neutral palette.

home office 15

Go pastel

We don’t know about you, but a combination of pastel colours (particularly mint, our current favourite) immediately transports us to a waterside chalet.

home office 10

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Curated by Dee May

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