10 Majestic Hanok stays in South Korea

19 April 2017

Korean traditional houses, otherwise known as hanok, mainly feature majestic Korean architecture and interior structure that follows a principle called Baesanimsu, which utilises a unique heating system called ondol. Such houses may vary according to region, and each may indicate one’s social status and class. We found 10 luxurious and majestic hanoks in South Korea on Airbnb that are worth staying to fully immerse yourself in the culture:

Korean Traditional Hanok, Seoul


Recently renovated in 2012, the Korean Traditional Hanok in South Korea’s capital accommodates up to four people, and had seen Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia as its guest of honour. The luxury hanok is five minutes away from the Presidential Residence and Gyeongbokgung Palace. Amenities include wireless Internet and designated workspace. There’s also a nice small courtyard for you to enjoy tea.

Todaki Korean Traditional House, Jongno-gu


The Todaki Korean Traditional House accommodates up to five people with the choice of sleeping on the Korean futons or regular beds. Located in Jongno-gu, the hanok is a favourite among fans of popular TV drama Winter Sonata due to its close proximity to Choongang High School, where the show was filmed. Nearby attractions include Changdeok Royal Palace, Seoul Museum of Art, and City Hall.

Traditional Korean House, Jeollanam-do


Nature lovers and escapists would appreciate the Traditional Korean House in Jeollanam-do, as the house is surrounded by nature and is right under the mountain. Complete with a vast garden, the isolated yet cozy hanok accommodates two people and is close to Hanaro Mart, a local farmer’s market.

Typical Korean Traditional House, Insa-dong


The Typical Korean Traditional House is located in Insa-dong, one of the best neighbourhoods to be at if you’re into visiting teashops and modern galleries at one place. The house accommodates two people with complimentary breakfast and WiFi access. Nearby attractions include Nakwon Arcade and Woon Hyun Palace.

Vinehouse, Jongno-gu


The 100-year-old Vinehouse in Jongno-gu accommodates two people with complimentary breakfast (with different menu everyday). Preserved by the Korean Culture Heritage Department, the house is conveniently located within one of the famous shopping streets and is close to Bukchon Hanok Village.

Hanok Village, Jongno-gu


Accommodating up to three people, the pet-friendly Hanok Village in Jongno-gu is located on top of the hill, overlooking the scenic view of the city. With complimentary breakfast and Internet, nearby attractions include the neighbourhoods of Samcheong-dong and Myung-dong.

Hanok Stay, Gyeongju


If you’d rather stay in and truly live the traditional Korean lifestyle, Hanok Stay in Gyeongju allows you to experience playing with Korean traditional instruments like Gayagum, trying on traditional costumes (hanbok), making traditional foods, or even traditional handwriting. The house accommodates four people.

Bookstay, Jongno-gu


Bookstay in Jongno-gu is a traditional house for book lovers, with over a thousand books on offer. If you give a new or used book about cats (in any language) as a gift for the house owner, she’ll give you a little present in return. The house owner’s mother is a hanbok designer, so if you’re visiting the Deoksugung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung, or Gyeongbokgung palaces wearing a hanbok, you can enter each palace free of charge.

Raon Hanok Village, Jeollabuk-do

Raon Hanok Village, Jeollabuk-do

The Raon Hanok Village in Jeollabuk-do accommodates four people, with complimentary breakfast and Internet. The house has a spectacular view of the entire village which can be seen on the second floor, and is quite close to nightlife attractions.

Hanok, Gyeongju


The eco-friendly Hanok in Gyeongju accommodates four people with free parking on premises and Internet. Nearby attractions include Gyeongju National Museum.

All image credit goes to: Airbnb

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