10 Space efficient Korean-style home inspirations

16 November 2016


When it comes to home decor, the South Koreans heavily emphasise on sophisticated and minimalistic look. This kind of approach is especially perfect for those with small spaces as the minimal use of colours and visible objects makes the space appear bigger than it actually is. By combining different elements in your house, it will help you to achieve the neat, clean, and tidy looks associated with Korean-style home décor.

The Korean-style home décor also focuses a lot on functionality and simplicity, so you can use these two elements as a guideline when decorating your home. Make your space appear more spacious by using the right colour palettes, especially cool colours like blue or violet and neutral colours like white and black. Take a cue from these 10 spaces when decorating your small home.

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Home office 


Instead of placing a large desk in the room, install a wall-mounted cabinet that also functions as a table. You can conveniently open it if you have to work or study, or close it away when it’s not in use — and keep all the things at one place safely and neatly. It should be big enough for you to work or study comfortably, yet small enough to fit into a small space, and doesn’t make the room look cluttered. Install it near the window to get natural light.

Editor’s note: Even the interior design director for Google questions the size of his study desk at home

Storeroom / Attic


If you have no extra room for your home office, transform your storeroom or attic into a functional hiding spot. Install a small cabinet on every corner of the wall which can double as seats. You can also bring in some medium-sized furniture. To make the space less dreary, put up a scenic wallpaper.

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To have more space, get a flip bed that also functions as a cabinet when it’s not in use.

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Use a combination of wood, tile, mirror and glass shower doors to give an illusion of added space for your bathroom. This approach also makes your small bathroom appear less cluttered.



To make your corridor or hallway appear more spacious, make sure the lighting is appropriately installed at the right corners, to give an illusion of a longer hallway. Add a potted plant or a statue at the end of the hallway for decoration.

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Stairways can also double as bookshelves, which a great solution if you have limited space. Place some hanging lights above the area to create a reading nook.

Laundry room


When you have a limited space, you can neatly stack your washing machines in a corner against a wall. Install small wall-mounted shelves to keep all the necessary tools for washing and cleaning.



Make your kitchen appear bigger than it actually is by using the white colour as the main theme. White gives the illusion of an added space. Add a few kitchen accessories to brighten things up.

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Living room


For those living in a really small apartment, get a bunk bed so you can conveniently place it in a corner and put a set of furniture under it, turning it into a living room.

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Dining room


Create a transitional space by combining your living room and dining room. Yes, it is possible to do so while keeping it’s appearance clutter-free. The trick is to install a few things that separate the areas, like a cabinet that serves as partition, and that the dining tables and chairs should be placed in a corner.

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Written by Dayana Sobri

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