10 Unique Cake Designs By Artisan Bakers In Asia

21 August 2017


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Bored with the uninspiring, basic cakes with dry texture found at most bakery chains? It’s time to order your cakes from artisan bakers with specialised skills and talents. Many artisanal cakes by such bakers are handcrafted with intricate details that often resemble the real thing. For your next wedding, birthday, or any other special occasion that you’re celebrating, we recommend you check out these 10 unique cake designs by artisan bakers in Asia for inspiration:

Game of Thrones Cake

Game of Thrones Cake by Kek & Co., Kuala Lumpur

The artisan cakes by Kek & Co. are made-to-order for any major celebrations. Baked by Farah Melissa and Satira Diana, you can find mostly single to three-tier cakes (or more) in various themes. This Game of Thrones cake feature Mother of Dragons Daenerys Targaryen riding on her intricately designed dragon.

Unicorn and Rudolf Cakes

Unicorn and Rudolf Cakes by Enjoue, Singapore

Love all things cute? Enjoue’s many selections of adorable cakes would make you squeal in delight. They specialise in handcrafted and customised cakes like these Unicorn and Rudolf cakes. Other wonderfully delectable desserts to check out include Little Unicorn Macaroons, Unicorn Popsicles, and Unicorn Cookies.

Hachiko Puppy Cake.jpg

Hachiko Puppy Cake by Iven Oven, Jakarta

The saying ‘so cute you want to eat it’ couldn’t be more apt once you saw this adorable Hachiko Puppy Cake by Iven Oven. For dog lovers, the artisan baker specialises in heart-melting animal cakes, from Shiba Inus to huskies, as well as gorgeous floral cakes for other special occasions.

Designer Goodies Cake

Designer Goodies Cake by Cakewalk, Bangkok

Get the diva in your life a cake that matches her taste and style! This luxury Designer Goodies cake by Cakewalk features all the things a designer or fashion lover would love, such as the Hermes Birkin Bag, Hermes jewelry box, Chanel lipsticks, and assorted designer accessories.

Mosaic Wedding Cake.jpg

Mosaic Wedding Cake by Lovelots Cakes, Manila

Specialising in wedding cakes as well as custom cakes for other celebrations, this Mosaic Wedding Cake by Lovelots Cakes features a modern minimalist piece with hand painted foliage. Another lovely wedding cake to check out is the Winter Wonderland Wedding Cake, which features stunning edible pearls and snowflakes.

Edible Flower Jelly Cake

Edible Flower Jelly Cake by CAKE., Tokyo

Making mostly basic round shaped cakes with simple design, the cakes by Cake.Tokyo celebrates aesthetic minimalism as evident in most of their baked creations, with more emphasis on the taste rather than the looks. This Edible Flower Jelly Cake features a creamy cake with crunchy base and edible pressed flowers.

Skull Cake

Skull Cake by FRANK, Seoul

Don’t be fooled by its appearance; The Skull cake by FRANK is anything but disgusting! The creepy cake is actually moist red velvet, with detailed design that resembles a real human skull. Perfect for Halloween or other celebrations with spooky theme, this cake will definitely scare the living daylights out of people.

Audemars Piguet Cake

Audemars Piguet Cake by Bakerboo, Hong Kong

Luxury timepiece collectors and enthusiasts would definitely appreciate this Audemars Piguet cake by Bakerboo. Featuring the popular Swiss luxury watch in rose gold Royal Oak, the watch also ‘comes’ with a complementary gift box. Other fun cakes to check out include Gudetama Cake, Sushi Cake, and Nike Shoe Cake.

Anniversary Cake

Anniversary Cake by The Cake Studio, Bangalore

Surprise your parents on their wedding anniversary with this fun Anniversary cake by The Cake Studio. Featuring miniature vegetables, stove, cooker, mixer, and other kitchen tools; the cake depicts what most married couples typically do when they’re at home.

Jasmine Chocolate Mousse Cake

Jasmine Chocolate Mousse Cake by Pantry’s Best, Beijing

Though the Jasmine Chocolate Mousse cake by Pantry’s Best feature a basic, simple design, the taste is anything but basic. The mousse cake, with a swirl top sprinkled with petals, has a soothing jasmine fragrance.


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Written by Dayana Sobri

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