11 Influencers in Asia you need to know

14 April 2017

If you didn’t notice the buzz about Asia’s largest social media awards show, well then you’re not following some of top influencers in Asia. On 8 April 2017, the top social media influencers across seven countries, which include Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea, gathered to celebrate Influence Asia 2017. Categories of the award show are spanned across Food, Health and Fitness, Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion, Parenting, YouTube Channel, YouTube Personality and Breakout Influencer. In addition, seven top influencers from each country were crowned ‘Influencer of the Year’.

So, if you’re feeling that you want to be influenced by someone, have a good laugh or just be inspired by their daily activities and envious social media page, then these are the top influencers you need to follow.

1. Jinnyboy TV


With over 729,000 subscribers and counting on their YouTube channel, Jinnyboy TV snatched not one but 4 awards at the Influence Asia 2017 Award night including the influencers’ Choice and Influencer of the Year Awards. Jinnyboy TV founders that consist of Jin Lim who is also a Radio DJ, and Rueben Kang who does hosting and even lecturers at a college, have been making videos since 2011 and are now expanding the company to accommodate their ever growing status.

2. Emma Shazleen Ali



This beautiful petite mom of two has a following of 145k on Instagram and also blogs at 5 Feet Chic. Emma took away the Top Fashion Influencer Award and was also top 4 in the parenting category. Besides her personal instagram, Emma also has Shazleen Studio, an Instagram shop and soon to be launched cosmetic line Empire Cosmetics.

3. Eden Ang


He’s not just another Youtuber, Eden Ang is also an actor, singer and dancer, having appeared in a number of commercials and programmes in Singapore. Speaking about multiple talents! Eden also took home the Influencer of the Year award, an award given to an influencer from each country that has created positive content and contributed greatly to the growth of the social media influencer industry.

4. Arief Muhammad



This Indonesian twitter sensation has a whopping 4.1million followers on his account and is not just a Twitter celebrity, but a best seller comedy book writer, blogger and Youtuber as well. Arief took home two awards from Influence Asia 2017 that include the YouTube Personality Award and Influencer of the Year.

5. Jennifer Bachdim



Jennifer who is currently based in Sapporo, Japan, wears multiple hats as a model, blogger, YouTuber and of course mommy & wife, which won her the Top Parenting Influencer Award. Her twitter has over 522k follower and she also took home the Breakout Influencer Award resulting in 2 awards for the night.

6. Wil Dasovich


Wil is an American YouTuber that has been living in the Philippines for over 2 years now, learning the language and adapting to the culture. With over 419k subscribers on his Youtube channel, Wil was awarded 3 awards that include Youtube Channel Award, Breakout Influencer and also Influencer of the Year.

7. Meiji Anorma



Meiji Anorma is a health and fitness influencer in Thailand that has over 232k followers on Instagram. For the second time running, Meiji took home the Top Health and Fitness Influencer Award. This time with a heart-warming message that points out that it’s not just about physical health and how your body looks on the outside, health on the inside matters just as much.

8. Pimtha



Considered the modern-day “It” girl, this cheerful, and laidback beauty from Thailand has garnered 2.9 million on Instagram. With a clean feed that is pleasant to the eye, Pimtha managed to snatch the Top Lifestyle influencer Award.

9. 1 million dance studio


You may have seen a few of their videos going around social media, 1 MILLION Dance Studio (1MDS) YouTube videos has achieved not only millions, but BILLIONS of views since their establishment on YouTube in 2015. This Korean channel not only speaks to dancers, but to every single person who loves to get the grove on, taking home the Breakout Influencer Award and title.

10. Jung Mangsu (Banzz)


Don’t be deceived by his skinny nature and slim looks, Jung Mangsu aka Banzz is renowned for his ability to eat huge amounts of food. With over 1.4 million subscribers, and a calm soft-spoken attitude, Banzz managed to bring back 2 awards to Korea, which includes Top Food Influencer Award and Influencer of the Year.

11. Mai Ngo




You might know her from Asia’s Next Top Model cycle 4, this model, dancer and actress, was crowned Influencer of the Year for Vietnam. Besides her short stint in the Top Model series, she was also part of The Face Vietnam in 2016. Her Instagram is currently has 103k followers.

For the full list of winners from Influence Asia 2017, check out their official website.

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