3 vitamins every woman should be taking

28 July 2016

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From metabolism boosters to anti-inflammatories, here are three vitamins and supplements to add to your diet.

With a dizzying array of supplements in the market, we turn to Dr. Oz to find out the essential vitamins women should be adding to their diet.

While some of us just like to get it all and done with our daily supplements at breakfast, Dr. Oz also recommends a half-and-half method — to take half of the dosage in the morning and the other half at night.

Vitamin D

Great for the bones, vitamin D aids calcium absorption. Dr. Oz suggests that most people require only 10 to 60 minutes of sun exposure per week — with sunscreen on, of course. However that doesn’t mean you can’t include vitamin D into your diet. Vitamin D can also be found in small amounts in cheese, eggs, mackerel, tuna and salmon.

Vitamin B

A metabolism booster, which can help ease stress, vitamin B can be found in dark green vegetables, eggs, fish. Ideally, you’d be looking a vitamin B complex containing the six groups of eight vitamin Bs. For those on birth control, antibiotics and certain medications, vitamin B malabsorption can occur, so be sure to check with your doctor about the ideal dosage.


The recommended daily dose for women is 1000mg and 600mg for men. Fantastic for your brain, sight, heart, skin, and lowering bad cholesterol, Omega-3s acts an anti-inflammatory and anti-ager. We’re also particularly biased to including omega-3 into this list due as it helps lubricate joints — And a plus point for all the avid hikers and runners out there, omega-3 helps lubricate joints, meaning less wear and tear.

As individual needs vary, be sure to check in with your doctor for suitable daily dosage.

For more health and wellness tips, tune in to Dr. Oz on Life Inspired. Premieres Saturday, 13 August, 11pm MY/SIN/HK. 

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