5 Chic Wearable Tech Pieces For The Style-Conscious

08 July 2017

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Not too long ago, wearable tech used to be quite bulky or plasticky, not to mention geeky and uninspiring with limited range of finishes, styles, and sizes. Thankfully, the new generation of wearable technology leaves you with plenty of options and styles to choose from, from the expensive-looking semi-precious stone smart ring to the leather designer smart watch. We’ve rounded up five chic wearable tech pieces perfect for the style-conscious techies:

The smart ring

The smart ring that tracks your fitness and sends alerts

The waterproof smart ring by Ringly records your every step, distance, and calories burned in addition to sending you customised phone alerts with light and subtle vibration. You can also create fitness goals and view your progress using the Ringly app. The stone is made of a radiant-cut Amazonite, with a 14k gold plated base. The ring is compatible with iPhone 5 and up, and Android 4.3 and up.

The smart bracelet

The smart bracelet that tracks your activity and wellness

The elegant brush gold smart bracelet by Mira tracks your steps, calories, distance, and elevation. Removable and versatile, the bracelet can also be clipped to your clothing and syncs with the Mira iOS and Android apps. The app lets you view your activity data, add nutrition and other info, and get motivational messages. The stainless steel bracelet comes in three different sizes.

The smart watch

The smart watch that measures your heart rate

The waterproof smart watch by Hermes and Apple features a handcrafted leather straps from Hermes and the Apple Watch Series 2. The timepiece has a built-in GPS to record speed, distance, and pace while you’re cycling, running, or walking outdoors; a Workout app featuring 12 indoor and outdoor workouts; and a heart rate sensor that measures your heart rate while you use the Workout app.

The smart earrings

The smart earrings that optimises your daily lifestyle

Joule lets you turn your existing earrings into smart earrings. With key features that include a heart rate monitor and fitness and activity tracker, the lightweight product is compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones.

The smart necklace

The smart necklace that predicts your stress level

Hailed as the best piece of smart jewellery for most women by The Business Insider in June, the Leaf Urban Rose Gold Edition by Bellabeat is a health tracker with the ability to predict your stress level based on your lifestyle habits. It also monitors your reproductive health, sleep, and activity; in addition to other features that include 14-day memory, individual feedback, and smart alarm. Featuring a geometric design made from a water-resistant wood composite and stainless steel, the necklace’s battery lasts up to six months so no charging is necessary. Compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones.


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Written by Dayana Sobri


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