5 creative retreats to sign up

12 April 2017

If you’ve always wanted to take a short break from your hectic life, now is the time to embark on a new adventure in 2017 by pampering yourself at a creative retreat. Going on a creative retreat is one of the most trending new ways to travel at the moment; not only will you venture into a new territory, you’ll learn new things and unleash the inner artist in you. Check out the five upcoming creative retreats you can join in:

First We Eat Wine Tasting Workshop and Photography Retreat, France



The retreats by First We Eat are a favourite among foodies and connoisseurs of culinary. The organisers have held various interesting food styling and photography retreats and food workshops in various locations all over the world, including the United States, Sweden, Croatia, British Virgin Islands, and Iceland. Past food workshops include cheese making, truffle foraging, cocktail crafting, and maple sugaring. In 2017, there’ll be a wine tasting workshop and photography retreat in Bordeoux, France.

Art & Faith Creative Retreat, Italy


Art & Faith Creative Retreat

This chic retreat in Bellagio, Italy is perfect for religious travellers looking to reignite their faith or find solace. The 7-day retreat combines different activities that include morning devotions, Bible journaling classes, group trips to various locations in Bellagio, a cooking class, an outdoor activity of your choice (i.e. hiking or kayaking), and group lunches and dinners at breathtaking locations. During the group trips, you’ll visit the town of Bellagio, Lake Como, a villa where many famous movies have been filmed, and a monastery or castle.

Lotta Jansdotter Inspiration Trip, Tokyo


Lotta Jansdotter Workshop

Lotta Jansdotter is a much-loved printmaker and crafter in the art and design community. The Swedish creative often organises workshops, creative retreats and inspiration trips at various locations around the world. So far, she’s had a few workshops and retreats held in Sweden, the United States, and India. In 2017, Lotta will organise an inspiration trip to Tokyo, where she’ll explore Tokyo, visit some of her favourite shops, see some cherry blossoms, find new inspirations, eat amazing food, and attend a workshop taught by a local artisan with you.

Hariharalaya Yoga & Meditation Retreat, Cambodia



Reconnect with your inner self and nature at Hariharalaya’s retreat in Cambodia. The 6-day spiritual retreat requires your utmost devotion in meditation, yoga and conscious living. You’ll be eating only vegan food throughout your stay, connecting with the local community and nature, attending health and wellness classes, and listening to Dharma talks. To achieve absolute mindfulness, the retreat also requires you to go on a digital detox and observe silent mornings (think the Indian ashram retreat scene in Eat, Pray, Love).

Write A Bestseller Retreat, Bali



Aspiring writers here is your chance to start working on that writing project of yours in peace at the Write A Bestseller retreat in Bali. Whether you plan to write a novel, a short story or a compelling copy for your business, the 5-day retreat focuses on practical writing exercises and editing techniques that can be applied to any of your writing goal. There’ll be writing workshops, a one-on-one writer’s surgery session and discussion sessions. In addition, you’ll also be participating in activities such as meditating, walking through the many rivers and jungles, and visiting the lakeside hot springs, a Balinese massage, and the local markets. The walks and visits are meant to inspire you in your writing.

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Written by Dayana Sobri

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