5 Korean beauty tips for flawless skin

08 October 2016



When it comes to beauty and skincare it’s all eyes on South Korea these days. With innovation and creativity coupled with a touch of tradition as their hallmarks, they’ve always been ahead of the curve. Whether you want to emulate the fresh-faced aesthetics of your favourite K-pop celebrities, or are simply enamoured by their unblemished visages, here are five Korean inspired beauty tips that will have you on your way to looking absolutely flawless.

Mask your flaws


The Korean beauty regimen loves its sheet masks — easy to use and great for skin hydration. South Korea’s winters can be harsh and drying on the skin, which is why many locals swear by face masks for an instant dose of moisture.

Sheet masks are also ultra-portable and mess-free, which means you can stash a few packs in your carry-on luggage to use while on-board a long flight. To give that sheet mask an additional boost, pat in some serum onto your face before applying the mask.

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Gorgeous ginseng

A common ingredient in Korean skincare, ginseng has been hailed by both the older and younger generation for its claimed health and beauty benefits. Ginseng is said to improve skin elasticity, has anti-inflammatory properties and even can make the skin glow. Talk about being a multi-tasker!
Opt to add ginseng to your diet by adding it to tea, or meals.

There are even Ginseng pills available in the market these days. When it comes to skincare though, we prefer the most fuss-free route, and that’s by investing in good products targeted specifically for the skin that contain natural ingredients.

Korean brands such as Sulwahsoo are known for their ginseng infused products, preferring to use all parts of the root to gain the most benefits, creating products such as Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream.

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Get that glow


When it comes to South Korean beauty goals, it’s all about the glow. Glowing or dewy skin is favoured for its youthful and supple appearance. The look is either achieved via specifically targeted skincare, additional enhancement of makeup, or both; with the former focusing more on the usage of natural oils or moisturising products.

‘Aegyo sal’ is also a popular trend specifically for the eyes, making them appear more ‘awake’ or doe-eyed through brightening the area underneath the eye. This may seem a tad unusual to those who follow Western beauty routines, as they prefer to conceal this part of the area rather than draw emphasis to it. To South Koreans however, highlighting this area in particular makes the eyes look bigger. You’ll see it on everyone from the girl next door to celebrities, and it is relatively easy to do with makeup, as beauty guru Michelle Phan has demonstrated.

Don’t skimp on sunscreen


Sunscreen is a prized possession, as are hats, sunglasses, and even opera-esque length gloves made specifically for driving. In fact, a visit to the Korean beach in summertime is all it takes to see just how pervasive this culture of sun-shunning is. You will most probably be greeted with the sight of countless umbrellas. Considering how harmful UV rays can be to the skin, and with skin cancer cases on the rise, they may be on to something.

Invest in your skin

The Korean skincare and beauty regimen is so much a part of the lifestyle that some women who move to the country end up abandoning their usual routines in favour of adopting local methods – as self-confessed by some bloggers and vloggers. There has been a lot of debate on the amount of time spent on skincare, with some parties claiming that there is a 10 step routine Koreans adhere to, and others denying the claim.

One thing is certain though: the Koreans invest a lot when it comes to skincare. This goes beyond buying products, it’s also about going the extra mile to truly understand their skin type by consulting a specialist. Gaining a better understanding of one’s skin-type and what products are more suited to it is the first step in investing in your skin, and this should not be ignored.

On that note, be sure to check in with your dermatologist or GP before trying out any new skincare or wellness routine.

Want more beauty tips? Check out Get It Beauty for more Korean beauty and wellness inspiration.

Written by Thash Nathan

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