5 office plants that won’t die on you

27 July 2016

Bring the outdoors in.

Coming from someone who has killed multiple plants over the course of several years filled with hopeful attempts (basil, rosemary, thyme, cacti, orchids — you name it), the last thing we want to face on a Monday morning is another dying plant.

We asked around, from aspiring landscape artists to regular Joes with enviously green thumbs for the ultimate tried and tested recommendations.  We’ve picked out five office plants, and some straight out — and alive from the Life Inspired HQ, which we reckon serves as testimonies for the blackest of thumbs.

Bird’s Nest Fern

Leading the pack is the tried and tested evergreen Asplenium Manila, also known as the Bird’s Nest Fern, a mouthful to remember but one of the sturdiest of the lot. We have this growing on a desk in our content department — in front of the storage room and away from sunlight, looking healthy and happy.

birds nest fern

This office desk plant requires minimal watering and soil, which means taking up less space on your desk. Just remember to keep soil moist and place the plant in a cool area at 10 - 22 degrees Celsius.

Swiss Cheese Plant

A plant that’s highly fashionable on tropical prints lately, the Swiss Cheese Plant or Hurricane plant, or also known by its scientific name, Monstera deliciosa or Monstella, looks fantastic in photos.


We absolutely love the Monstera for its tropical rainforest-feel. Like fine cheese, this climbing evergreen plant bears Swiss cheese-like leaves with large holes, which is said to protect the plant from heavy rainfall in tropical conditions hence its alternative common name, Hurricane.

However, this plant is not for office desks with its massive size but is more suitable for a vacant corner by the reception, or by a lone pillar.

Spider Tree

Love it or hate it — it’s in this list of easy-to-maintain office plants list because it’s a sturdy one. Though it really reminds us of the top crop of a mad scientist, the Spider Tree has been named as one of the easiest indoor plants ideal for office desks or installed as hanging plants in the office pantry.

Spider trees are fond of browning, so don’t be alarmed when they do. Just trim off the brown tips with a pair of office scissors.

spider plant wall office

Rubber Tree

We absolutely love the deep green colour and the shine of the Rubber Tree. Prune this to size ,unless you need a large feature plant for the office, and place in indirect sunlight. Keep soil moist and spritz leaves with water, but don’t overwater otherwise the Rubber Tree plant will rot.

rubber tree plant office desk

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Dubbed the “it” plant by The New York Times earlier this April, in this era of social gratification, the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant is a popular one in interior design blogs, or not to mention oh-so-Instagram-worthy.

 fiddle leaf fig office plant easy 1

fiddle leaf fig office

Though certain reviews of the Fiddle Leaf Fig have had their fair share of emotional gardening loss with this sensitive plant, some people have left it as-is without an issue. Gathering from the reviews, we reckon just give the Fiddle Leaf Fig a go, treat it like a trend — if it works for you, it stays.

Meanwhile, our tween Fiddle Leaf Fig plant at Life Inspired’s HQ is looking well though we’re starting to notice a little bit of browning on one of the lower leaves. Fingers crossed we won’t be experiencing an emotional burn any time soon with this one.

Et voilà! Living proof of the fiddle-leaf fig plant in the Life Inspired HQ.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig plant requires indirect sunlight. Water only when soil is dry to the touch and don’t keep the plant in a pot that’s too big, otherwise the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant might “freak out” as some bloggers have reported. We told you it was a sensitive one.

Have any plant up keeping disaster, or success stories, or green thumbing tips to share? Write in to us at web@litvasia.com. We’d love to hear from you!

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Written by Dee May

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