5 Office workouts you can do in 5 minutes

28 April 2017


It can be challenging to find time to stay fit and exercise when you’re often swamped with work. For those who are normally glued to the desk, we recommend that you try the five muscle-toning workouts, which you can conveniently do in five minutes at your own desk with no equipment necessary. That said, it doesn’t hurt to have an exercise mat stashed in your office just in case.


Trying to do a session of 50 or more sit-ups at one go can be daunting. Instead, aim for 50 to 100 sit-ups throughout the day, with 10 sit-ups per session whenever you have a free time. A session of sit-ups normally takes less than five minutes, depending on your body type and fitness. Not only will this workout helps you to burn off calories; it tones your core muscles and sculpts your stomach. If you’re afraid of ruining your Armani suit, use an exercise mat when you do your sit-ups.

Chair leg lifts

Leg lifting requires you to sit up straight on your chair, extend one of your legs out until parallel with your hips, and hold your leg for about five seconds before you switch to the other leg. Do this repeatedly for five minutes or more; the more time you spend, the more toned your hip flexors and quadriceps will be. This simple move benefits you by improving your stability, especially during a more intense workout.

Desk push-ups

If you’re unwilling to get on the floor to avoid wrinkles on your outfit, desk push-ups can be just as muscle toning as the regular sit-ups. The resistance training move focuses on training your arms and upper body, improving your strength and bone mass in the long run. Stand a few inches away from your desk, placing both your palms on its edge, and lean forward as comfortable as you can on your tiptoes. Hold for five seconds and repeat the movement until your time’s up. When you do your push-ups, make sure your neck and back remain straight all the time.


Calf raises with weights

Calf raise is one of the easiest and most convenient workout moves you can do during your time off. A great way to tone up your leg muscles, the move simply requires you to stand up straight and still at one place, and then slowly raise your calf up and hold it for about five seconds. Repeat the moves until time’s up. To boost fat burn, do the moves while holding weights (i.e. tape dispensers or filled water bottles).


Wall sits

Start with your back straight against the wall, before slowly walking both of your feet out and sliding your back down. Hold your position for about a minute when your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Repeat the movement as much as you’d like until your time’s up. This move focuses on strengthening your leg muscles, helping you to improve your walking and speed.


Written by Dayana Sobri

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