5 Super easy workouts to do on the go

21 April 2017



With piles of work and plenty of clients to deal with, busy professionals may find it hard to find time to work out. Whether you’re jetting between cities for work or waiting for your ride to arrive, it’s possible for you to keep fit and spend your short free time doing a few easy workouts that can be done conveniently, even if you’re on the go:


Go on a creative walk, indoor or outdoor


If you’re having a busy day at the office, simply take a short five-minute break to refresh and go on a creative walk in the building or at the nearby park. A short walk during your break at work is highly recommended as it can improve your creative thinking and boosts mental clarity, according to a Stanford study, which also found that walking indoors or outdoors similarly boosted creative inspirations.


Use the stairs


Avoid the elevators and use the stairs instead. If your health condition and situation permits you (i.e. you’re not wearing a pair of sky high heels or are late for work), you can reach your office by climbing the stairs. If you happen to work on higher levels of the building, you can climb the stairs halfway until you reach a certain floor and use the elevator there to get to your office. It helps to wear comfy shoes like ballet flats if you plan to climb the stairs.


Do light stretching


While waiting for your ride or important clients to arrive, steal this moment to do some light stretching at your seat. Some of the simple stretching you can do include crossing your arms, stretching your back and shoulders, extending your legs, shrugging your shoulders, or standing up and sitting down repeatedly (if you’re self-conscious, do this in an empty or secluded room).


Walk around the terminal


Finding yourself stuck at the airport during layovers is a golden opportunity for you to keep fit. Instead of sitting and waiting for hours, you can improve your blood circulation and explore the airport by walking around the concourse for 10-20 minutes, or as long as you’d like. Avoid the mechanised, high-speed moving walkways if you’re moving from concourse to concourse to get your heart pumping.


Do a five-minute jumping jack


If you’re in a public place, find a secluded spot where you can freely jump around and stretch out your arms without disturbing or blocking other people. Spend a minimum of five minutes to do a few sets of jumping jack. Take your heels off if you’re wearing one and try to do this on carpeted floors to avoid hurting yourself.

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