5 superfoods to add to your shopping basket

20 July 2016

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Superfoods don’t necessarily need to come in the form of exotic names and inflated price tags.

The term superfoods has been well on its way and often at an inflated price tag. We turn to five superfoods that won’t break the bank week to week. Add these to your basket the next time your make that grocery run:


Not only a great hair and face mask, eggs does even more wonders for the hair when ingested. Rich in vitamin B12, iron and biotin, eggs can help strengthen hair and aid anaemia, which Dr Oz adds is an “undiagnosed cause of hair loss in women”. So eat up those sunny side ups for breakfast if you want to retain those healthy tresses.


A wonder fruit for the skin, pomegranates are rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging elements, preventing damage caused by free radicals — caused by pollution, an unhealthy diet, stress and sun exposure. In short, free radical damage will cause accelerated raging effects on skin such as brown spots and wrinkles.

pomegranate salad
Add pomegranate seeds to salads or yoghurts.


Oatmeal is fantastic base to start off your day with, ensuring you stay full until at least lunch — eliminating the need for a mid-morning biscuit snack. Oatmeal is rich in soluble fibre which helps reduce bad cholesterol. In short, it’s good for the waist and great for the heart.


A sweet and simple addition to the grocery shopping list.

Also a great mood booster, the vitamin C in oranges help reduce stress levels and lower blood pressure. Dr Oz suggests eating an orange “half an hour before a stressful situation” to help you remain cool and collected on those deadline-packed workdays.

Pumpkin seeds

Keep a jarful of pumpkin seeds by your work desk or add to oats, cereal, or yoghurt. Pumpkin seeds are rich minerals such as magnesium and zinc to help lower the blood pressure and essential the risk of a heart attack. Pumpkin seeds also contain Omega-3, making it an essential for the ladies, as we’ve mentioned previously.

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