5 things you need to know about Seoul Refined

05 October 2016


For those with a palate for refined cuisine, intrigued by Korean culture, or a global foodie, Seoul Refined is the show to watch to build on that gastronomy vocabulary. From sipping on ice cold kimchi to sampling kimchi marmalade, here’s a taster to whet your appetite ahead of the four-course series:

Seoul Refined is an all-new Life Inspired Original series premiering Sunday, 8 October, 10pm MY/SIN/HK.

The Michelin star chef on a mission:

Alvin Leung


With three Michelin stars to his name, founder of Hong Kong’s Bo Innovation, chef Alvin Leung is in Seoul on a mission. This will be a food trip like no other as the London-born, Canadian-raised chef goes in search across South Korea’s capital for inspiration for his upcoming restaurant in Hong Kong.

The gastronomic compass:

Matthew Chung


Co-owner of The Beastro in Hongdae, Seoul and Chef’s Foodcation host, chef Matthew Chung is your go-to guy for the city’s best kept culinary itineraries. Leading us around town with his network of restaurateurs and chefs, the ever charismatic chef has a few tricks up his sleeve for his visiting co-host, including gastronomic cultural insights.

Fun fact: This will be the second time Matthew and Alvin will be onscreen together. They first appeared on Life Inspired’s Seoul Extreme.

The definition of refined


Dubbed the “Demon Chef” host Alvin dissects the definition of “refine(d)” in the show as he questions and puts other chefs on the spot to defend their dishes and concepts – a true reflection of his thought process as a professionally trained engineer. Find out what exactly makes the cut for a Michelin-starred chef when it comes to distinctive, refined Korean food as the hosts go from kitchen to front-of-house.

‘Single people food’


In order to fully grasp the creative process of refining Korean cuisine, the hosts sit down with chefs from Seoul’s finest restaurants to uncover cultural memories and traditions that date back to dishes once prepared for the palace. “Creativity is not bounded by countries or culture; it’s bounded by events,” quips Alvin in his a-ha moment on set.

From “single people food” — or “heartbreak food” rather, to the ultimate Korean hangover food, Matthew keeps it current and lets us in on some practical foodie cultural know-hows on his home turf.

Beyond the final plate-up


Instead of zeroing in on the final dish to draw a conclusion, chefs Alvin and Matthew explore the four key elements that make a great restaurant. For those looking to only dine at the best when in Seoul, or thinking of entering the F&B scene altogether, this is where you need to take serious notes.

In the four-part Seoul Refined series, each episode will focus on one of the four key pillars: identity, recipe, ingredients and service. As acclaimed restaurant owners themselves, this is feedback you’ll want to pay attention to for those priceless nuggets of wisdom.

Watch the all-new Seoul Refined, premiering Sunday, 8 October, 10pm MY/SIN/HK.

Written by Dee May

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