5 ways to travel lighter: A minimalist packing guide 

16 July 2016

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Whether it’s a weekend getaway, or a month-long trip, we swear by packing light — and by light, we mean carry-on only. The convenience of getting to and from airports, plus zero waiting time at the luggage collection carousel are big wins for us. Plus, most importantly, plenty of space for that shopping haul.

Roll clothes

An oldie, but a goodie. We’ve tried multiple ways of packing including the folding and bundling, which ended up taking up more space and was a hassle to unpack.

The key to reducing wrinkled clothing is to fold the clothing item into half, let’s say a t-shirt for example, followed by the sleeves, and roll away tightly, ensuring no wrinkles are trapped in during this process. Arrange the clothes tight and close to each other, so they don’t splay open upon arrival.

Use vacuum compression bags

We only started using plastic compression bags recently, but have been raving about it since. Extremely handy for packing away winter jackets and when you need extra luggage space on the way home with that unexpected shopping haul.

Pack double-duty items

The key to packing minimal doesn’t mean hitting below a number of items, but making sure that every item is worth its weight. That sarong that can double-up as a scarf, cover-up and beach towel; a tinted moisturiser with SPF protection to replace concealer and foundation; a light non-sticky sunblock as body moisturiser at night — you get the idea.

The same applies for clothing choices. Pair wisely and exercise you inner stylist to make a clothing item work with at least three outfits.

Cut down on electronics

On its own a Kindle, phone, camera, or power bank may not seem much. But don’t forget about the chargers and extra battery packs that add to the weight and bulk. So, choose your gadgets wisely.


Yup, you heard us. Unless you’re a seasoned minimalist, when repacking, cut out half of the stuff that you’ve already packed. Trust us, you don’t need that many outfits. Leave those books and magazines at home — you’ll be too busy having fun anyway. Opt to wash and wear, and use the laundry services at the hotel. And don’t pack full-size toiletries — ever. Instead, purchase toiletries at your travel destination.

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