5 Ways To Use Essential Oils In Your Daily Life

14 September 2017

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With the hectic and busy lifestyle that many of us are currently in, people are constantly looking for ways to keep balance and wellness in their life. Essential oils, often dubbed as one of mother nature’s greatest gift to mankind, have been utilised for centuries up till now due to their life-changing benefit that proves to boosts overall mental health and physical well-being. But with so many brands of essential oils in the market, it’s important to ensure its purity and quality in order to gain its full benefit.

Regardless of age, occupation or location, every person can benefit from essential oils and incorporate them to suit one’s daily lifestyle. But if you have no idea how to do that, here are some ways to incorporate essential oils in your daily life.



A home is where we spend most of our time at. A sanctuary where valuable memories are made with family and friends. Here, it’s great to promote a sense of warmth and harmonic balance by diffusing essential oil blends such as HarmonyTM or JoyTM , giving your living space a relaxing vibe promoting a peace of mind.

For peaceful atmosphere in the bedroom, look for a soothing yet refreshing aroma such as Lavender, which has said to be one of the best companion for a good night’s sleep.



Whether you’re trying to clean the air in a room from the city’s air pollution, cigarette smokes or cooking smells, essential oils such as Lemon that has a strong, clean and purifying citrus scent is great to freshen up the air. PurificationTM on the other hand is also a great alternative for a refreshing scent that instantly deodorises and neutralises odour.

Some essential oils such as eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary among others are also great to be used as a natural antibacterial property used in household cleaning. It is a safe and naturally derived alternative that is great for the whole family.


Be it a student at school or a CEO of a company, everyone needs some uplifting in the midst of the day to get through our busy schedule. Pepermint is one great option. It is strong, clear and minty which promotes concentration besides providing a cooling sensation. It can be diffused or topically applied on the skin.

For the extra boost, Brain PowerTM -a blend of Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, Blue Cypress and Frankincense is great to help with thought clarification and develop greater focus aromatically.


There are so many skin care methods and technology nowadays, but the age-old secret for beauty remains unchanged: keep calm and moisturise! Essential oils such as Rose, Frankincense and The Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood are great selections to be incorporated into your beauty routine either by mixing them with your moisturisers, lotion, foundation or even with other non-irritating “carrier oil” (like argan, olive, coconut or jojoba).


The best companion for a post-workout body is the cooling sensation from Peppermint, which also gives a strong minty aroma to perk up one’s senses. On the other hand, for sportsmen and women who need deep heat sensation, PanAway® provides a sense of comforting warmth and helps to soothe the skin, with key ingredients such as Wintergreen and Clove.


Note: Essential Oils that are mentioned above are from Young Living, one of the most popular essential oil retailers that have been providing the highest quality plant based products to customers for more than 20 years.

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