7 Must-Have Essentials During This Year’s Eid Celebration

22 June 2017


It’s that time of the year again, where Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid Al-Fitr that literally translates to “festival of breaking of the fast”. It marks the end of the fasting and prayer month- Ramadan and the beginning of Shawwal. The celebration is just a few days away, so we’ve decided to put together 7 essential items that we think you should have to ensure you’re ever-ready for the month long celebration.

Fast Charging Car Charger

Car charger

We’ve come to rely on our smartphones so much for photo taking, directions, banking, contact, social etc, that having a dead phone is not even an option. Whether you’ve got a long road trip back to your hometown or constantly on the move between houses while visiting, a fast charging car charger is a must have to ensure you stay connected and have access to all your essential needs.

Portable Speaker

Portable speaker

There’s nothing like some good music to lift up the mood in the room. With most portable speakers being wireless, connecting music from your phone, tablet or any device with bluetooth is easier than ever! Not to mention, they’re also a great piece of decor to your living room with numerous designs out in the market to fit different styles.

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Jewellery Organiser

jewelry organizer

No look is complete without some accessories to complement and complete your outfit for Eid. Picking the right jewellery and accessories can be a struggle, but with a jewellery organiser, you won’t have any trouble packing and travelling with them. It keeps all your accessories organised and safe from tangles!

Mini Sewing Kit

sewing kitBetter to be safe than sorry! A mini sewing kit that can easily fit into your handbag can be a lifesaver if a button decides to come undone while you’re busy visiting between houses. Besides sewing, the scissors can be helpful if some strings come astray and a safety pin can do wonders if something come lose!

Wet Wipes

wet wipes

Another must have item during this whole month of celebration! Not only does it help keep your hands clean after all the delicious festival cookies and scrumptious dishes, it can also come in handy when you need to touch-up your make-up between houses, keep you feeling refreshed during a hot sunny day and it might even save you if some curry spills onto your outfit!

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Home Monitoring Camera

home camera

Festive season has one of the highest cases of break-ins during the year. No one should have to feel uncertain about one’s property and items while they are away from home. With a home monitoring camera placed in a spot that can capture a wide angle in the house, it provides a peace of mind by giving you the opportunity to check in anytime you want, ensuring that everything is in order.

Hybrid Instant Camera

instax sq10

The instax Square SQ10 is a hybrid camera that combines Instant print and digital technologies.  It comes in a square format for you to enjoy a wider range of uses and forms of expression, and has a number of key features that’ll make your instant camera experience an easier and pleasurable one! Some of the main key features include:

  • Opportunity to reprint the same photo for everyone to keep!
  • 10 artsy filters to let your creativity loose
  • Brightness and vignette control either before or after taking that photo
  • Different shooting modes that include; double exposure, bulb mode and macro
  • You can even do thumbnail printing!

A great addition to any celebration, the SQ10 gives you the opportunity to capture memorable moments, whether it’s the yummy food served during Eid, or precious moments with family member and friends that you only meet once a year.



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Written by Lily Shah

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