Beyond Pokémon GO: 5 more productive things to do on your phone

01 September 2016

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For those have sworn to stay away from the app (we reckon it’s a 70:30 ratio at the Life Inspired HQ, majority to non-Pokémon GO addicts, of course, hence the article) and are self-admitted phone addicts., this article is for you.

Yes, we’ve heard about the benefits of Pokémon GO getting strangers together or encouraging that extra walk around an under-utilised park as well the app being labeled as the new water cooler. But while your significant other, colleague, or family member ignores you as they continue their quest to catch ’em all, know that you could be doing five more productive things on your phone besides replying messages and compulsively checking social media.

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While there is another side to switching off your phone entirely to get work done, this article is for the self-admitted phone addicts. If you’re glued to the screen, we reckon you might as well achieve something that’s ideally long-term on while you’re on the phone.

We’ve curated a list of five more productive things to do on your phone besides playing Pokémon GO.

Learn a language 

Duolingo is a free language app that holds you accountable to checking in for your daily habitual classes. Unlike other one-off language apps for travel, Duolingo has a gorgeous UI that uses audio, text and interactive pop-quizzes to go through cohesive and practical lessons.

Keep it consistent and schedule accountability reminders such as 10 minutes a day on the app. If you drop out halfway, your progress level drops too and you’ll most likely have to restart. Languages available include French, Dutch, Norwegian, and even Turkish, with additional languages in the pipeline including Korean, Klingon (yes, you read that right) and Swahili.

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Call a friend

Going back to the basic function of a mobile phone, with WhatsApp, Line and all the other instant messaging apps and group chats we’ve known to become part off, we reckon it with your five-minute lull that you have to kill while waiting for your next appointment — make that phone call. Call that friend or family member that you’ve been meaning to catch up with for the longest time, but haven’t gotten around to it. It beats an emoji or a definitive double-tap.

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Meditate on the go

Gaining popularity in lists of ‘things successful people do’ is meditation, as featured in the latest episode on Dr. Oz.  If you’re trying to get into meditation but haven’t carved out that five minutes — why not do it on the go as you’re walking in for a meeting, or running errands?

The free Stop, Breathe & Think app offers a list of meditations and even curates different types of meditations to suit your current headspace — agitated, content, anxious, and so on. There is one particular meditation to do while walking making it great if you can’t find that quiet space.

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Get fit

No, it won’t require a gym membership that may call upon hurdles of excuses like the common “no time” and “I cat be bothered to lug my workout gear to work”. The free 30-day fitness challenge app reminds us, “the next 30 days are going to pass by, whether you like it or not”.

Choose from a range of exercises such as a split jump squat to vertical leg crunch with the this free fitness challenge app. Alternatively, if you need a bit more visual encouragement, tune in to our range of wellness shows and ‘Blast the Belly Fat with Hollywood trainerJeanette Jenkins and getting ripped with Mike Donavanik’s Extreme Burn.

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Listen to a podcast 

Whatever your choice of music and podcast streaming portal — we personally use Spotify and iTunes, but do browse around. Some of our favourite podcasts include Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso and Monocle 24: Culture with Robert Bound.

We also love downloading TED talks (available in various video quality and an audio only option) via the TED app for long commutes and queues.

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And here’s a bonus tip:

Watch a Lifestyle Clip

Be informed and be inspired, whether its art and culture, travel, or a quick recipe for the weekend. If you have two minutes to kill, head over to our Lifestyle Clips section of the website for access to our favourite clips from the channel. Watch it from anywhere in the world for your daily lifestyle fix.

Check out our online exclusive with Gaggan Anand, of Gaggan, No. 1 on San Pellegrino Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards for two consecutive years in Taste Bangkok, a Life Inspired Original series with Ananda Everingham; Art Basel Hong Kong with Hiromi Tango; or stopover in Switzerland with Jason Godfrey on The Grand Train Tour.

Written by Dee May

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