Chef’s picks: Top 3 hiking snacks for summer

23 July 2016

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This one’s for all the hiking aficionados, who are bored silly with the endless recommendations of trail mixes. A scenario that we’re way too familiar with, whether it’s hiking up Mount Rinjani in Indonesia or plodding along for days Nepal’s Langtang trek, it’s a long, most likely hot and humid hike, you’re thirsty and the roasted almonds are sticking to the roof of your mouth and those raisins aren’t all that great either.

We took a peek into the snack box of Chef’s Foodcation‘s Matthew Chung for simple, tasty alterations to our usual hiking snack pack.


Full of water and minerals, Chef Matthew call cucumbers “nature’s sports drink” quoting that it keeps you hydrated better than water.  Having said that, we still recommend carrying along enough water and an isotonic drink for long hikes. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, add a few slices of cucumber and springs of mint to your water tumbler.

A Box of Fancy Chocolates 

We admit falling into the Snickers or Mars bar team most of the time, but Chef Matthew got us thinking: but, what about the real stuff? You know, good, authentic dark chocolate. We reckon some dark chocolate truffles will work well for those pick-me-ups at excruciating check points. Be sure to pack these in smaller containers, and if possible in individual mini cupcake baking paper cups, so they don’t get squashed into a melted mess along the way.

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Cherry Tomatoes 

Alongside cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes were in Chef Matthew’s hike pack snack box. Fresh tomatoes are packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for your kidneys, skin and hair. Plus, it’s rich in potassium too — the same stuff you get in bananas, except in a more refreshing form.

If you’re looking to take your snack box a a tad further, and also keeping in mind the length of your hike for food freshness, pack along a small tub of avocado dip or hummus to go with your cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes to up the ante.

What’s your go-to hiking snack? Tell us at We’d love to hear from you!

Written by Dee May

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