About the Show
Chef Edward Kwon was formerly the hotel Head Chef of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, known as the world's only 'seven star' hotel.

Born in Korea 1971, Kwon worked as an intern at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Seoul 1995, and then went on to work for the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco in 2001. Upon his return to Korea, he was part of the opening team at the W Hotel Seoul as their Executive Sous Chef.

Chef Ed has honed his skills through international travels. In China, Kwon worked at the Sheraton Grand Tianjin Hotel for a year before moving to the Middle East where he was appointed as Senior Executive Sous Chef at the Fairmont Dubai Hotel in 2006.

In 2007, he seized the opportunity to become the hotel Head Chef at Burj Al Arab. Kwon has opened several restaurants in Seoul, and has recently filmed several television programs - 'Edward's Live Kitchen,' 'Challenge Star Chefs' and 'Yes Chef.'

Kwon's recent book 'Cooking Seven Stars' became a best seller in the fall of 2009. It conveys his culinary passion, life story, as well as the burdens he had to face to overcome as a chef. Currently, Kwon serves as Seoul's global goodwill ambassador, as well as Korea's tourism ambassador - becoming the second promoter of the capital to the world following Korean superstar Rain.

Edward Kwon