Emma Watson’s sustainable style promotes eco-friendly fashion

14 March 2017



If you’ve watched “The True Cost”- a documentary that shows you the impact of the 3-trillion fast fashion industry, you might already know about how it takes a toll to our environment, its workers and humanity.

At least one star is putting her foot down in regards to this and it’s none other than the ultra fashionable and constantly chic, Emma Watson. Emma has recently made waves in the media and fashion scene with her new Instagram account- “The Press Tour” that shares her passion behind her commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. The account acts like a lookbook that features all of her ethical fashion choices, crediting each and every piece in detail.


In one of her posts, Emma mentions how Vintage clothing can make fashion more sustainable and reduce a global footprint that includes- “the 132m metric tons of coal used yearly through the production of new fibres, dyeing and bleaching of garments and the 6-9 trillion litres of water used by the industry.”

Through this account, Emma shoes how sustainable fashion can be press ready and we especially love The Elie Saab Haute Couture gown that she wore during the premiere of Beauty and The Beast in Disneyland, Shanghai.


And not to mention this beautiful Louis Vuitton dress made from recycled polyester that were created from used plastic bottles!


Ever since she signed up to the Green Carpet Challenge –a campaign that catapults sustainable style into the spotlight at the world’s most high profile events, Emma and her stylist has been taking this seriously and even going to the extent of trying to get her beauty routine down to being 100% green as well.

With all the attention and awareness that she’s curating, this 26 year-old is sure to make a big impact on the fashion industry.

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Written by Lily Shah

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