Girl Eat World

09 January 2016

She travels. She eats. She blogs. She’s obsessed with what food means to people.  Her name is Kamini Pather, like ‘harmony’ with a K.

Follow Girl Eat World where MasterChef South Africa 2013 winner and food-writer, Kamini Pather goes on a culinary quest around the globe including Tokyo, where outsiders might view its food culture as being cut off from the natural environment, Sydney, where its cuisine was once called as the most boring food in the world and eight other international food destinations: Bangkok, Lima, Johannesburg, Dubai, Copenhagen, Berlin, Milan and Philadelphia to discover the actual inside story. Kamini is guided by the people who know the destination and its food best, the local food bloggers! Discover each city’s history, culture, hidden gems, bustling markets and many more as each of these bloggers shares the food stories of their cities. Plus, get to know the individuals behind these food revolutions!

Join the journey of Kamini in this South African Film And Television Award-winning magazine show and gain insight on how food is shifting the way we people think about ourselves and our city.

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