#JapanAuthentic: Top 7 Things To Do in Hida

16 August 2017

Located in the northernmost city in Gifu Prefecture Japan, Hida is known to be a historical city filled with culture and a wide array of activities to choose from. Be it winter or summer, Hida has fun filled activities and crowd pulling experiences all year round for people of all ages. Whether you’re up for an adventure, looking to pick up a new skill or even just looking for the perfect place for an Instagram worthy photo, Hida is one of the ‘must-visit’ places in Japan!


satoyama cycling

Hida Satoyama Cycling

Get in touch with the rhythm of Hida lifestyle as you cycle through the stunning farming village, charming ancient avenues and rice fields accompanied by an experienced guide who understands the history and culture of this unique beauty of Japan.


Sarubobo Doll Making

The mascot of Hida Region, Sarubobo dolls were traditionally made by mothers for their daughters as charms blessing happy marriage and smooth birth delivery. Sarubobo means “monkey baby”, and are said to prevent sickness and accident, due to the phonetic pair “saru,” which means both monkey, and prevention.

mountain ropeway

Northern Alps and Shinhotaka Ropeway

Enjoy a grand panoramic view of the Northern Alps via a double-deck gondola, which takes you to a place above the clouds, 2,200 meters above sea level! The observatory that is the closest to Mt. Yarigatake (3,180 meters high) and Mt. Hotaka (3,190 meters high) is accessible using this gondola which is also the first double-deck gondola in all of Japan.

onsen hida 2

Okuhida Hot Springs Village

The Oku Hida Hot Springs Village is a five scattered hot spring resort located right below the Northern Alps and surrounded by nature on a grand scale. Enjoy the clean air against your skin, listen to the murmurs of the rivers, and relax in a wide open-air bath that brings a deep sense of relaxation.

kimono walk

Hida Takayama Kimono Walk

From September through October, one of the main attractions in Hida is the Hida Takayama Kimono Walk, where you can walk Takayama’s beautiful streets wearing a kimono or kamishimo (samurai dress) while sightseeing. Attractions include the beauty of nature and the vestiges of streetscapes that still remain from the Edo period (about 200 years ago) when it was a bustling castle town.


Sake Tasting at Watanabe Sake Brewery

Learn sake-related cultures, traditions and history while tasting sakes from one of the best sake brewery in the Hida region, having been awarded top ranking in numerous tasting competitions. You can also get up and close and personal with the “living brewery” that they have protected throughout the generations, and don’t miss the must-see bronze statue at the side of the entrance.

rail bike2

Gattan Go!- Rail Mountain Bike

Gattan Go is a ride that gives you the opportunity to ride a bike on the railway tracks of an unused route. The mechanism is simple with 2 mountain bikes fixed to the guide roller with a metal frame as the rear-wheel touches the rail directly and moves forward while you pedal. The vibration and sound of the seam of the rail is what mainly attracts tourist from all over the world to experience this exhilarating ride..

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