#JapanAuthentic: Top 7 Things To Do In Sasayama

06 September 2017

Towards the eastern part of Hyogo prefecture is the historical town of Sasayama. From it’s amazing mountainous landscape to the historic castle ruins, Sasayama has a little bit of everything for everyone. Getting there is easy, just take the JR Takrazuka Line rapid train northbound to Sasayamaguchi station which would take about 1hr 10 min.


Visit Sasayama Castle Oshoin

Be it during cherry blossom season in spring or during snowy white winter, the Oshoin brings to mind the former glories of Sasayama Castle in it’s heyday int he 17th century and across the ages. It was the second enclosure of Sasayama Castle for 335 years until it was destroyed by fire in 1944. It has now been reconstructed based on ancient building techniques and has exquisite decoration.

japanese sweetsSavour Some Sweets

Indulge in some scrumptious Japanese sweets at Suwaen where sweet are made as with all natural ingredients mixed with fresh and clean spring water. From daifukus to Japanese style jellies to soft-served ice creams, Suwaen will cater to kids and adults alike.

black soybeansLearn About Black Soybeans

Sasayama is also known for their black soybeans and it’s a must to visit Odagaki-a renowned black soybean shop specializing in beans such as TAMBAGURO soybeans and Dainagon adzuki beans. Besides tasting and bring back home some of these famed beans, you may also get the chance to go behind the scenes and observe how the black soybeans are being processed.

shuraku maruyamaRest & Relax at Shuraku Maruyama

Move away from the bustling sounds of the busy city to the sight and sounds of of nature at Maruyama Village where folk houses aged over 150 years old have been renovated luxuriously for a comfortable and memorable stay. It also comes with an authentic breakfast prepared by mothers in the village and is suitable for families or couples looking for an authentic Japanese experience.

Japan Authentic 0725675Dine at Hiwano Kura

While staying in Shuraku Maruyama, you may also want to dine in its famed restaurant called Hiwano Kura- a quaint little place with a cozy ambiance. The restaurant serves exquisite and mouth watering French cuisine made with only the freshest ingredients. Seats are limited so be sure to make a reservation prior to your visit.

tanba yakiExperience Tanba-yaki Pottery Making

Known for its simplicity and absence of decorative flourishes, Tanba-yaki pottery has been a great essential in Japanese people’s lives. At Tachikui Sue-no-Sato Pottery, you get to look at the exhibition of famous historical pieces of Tanba-yaki pottery, or even join a pottery making class that gives you the chance to create your own original masterpiece from clay.

18423033_789847921162806_8274889229514384348_oMake Your Own Custom-Made Jewellery

If pottery making isn’t your cup of tea, maybe creating your own jewellery will capture your attention. Eauge is a jewellery manufacturer that does customs designs and is all handmade. Lessons are available too, with choices to work on gold, platinum or silver.

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