Jason Godfrey: Like what you like and don’t apologise for it

24 July 2016

jason_baselworld 2016_1600 copy
Godfrey hosts the Baselworld series for its third year running.

We speak to Baselworld host, Jason Godfrey about what goes on behind the scenes at Baselworld, his most impressionable timepiece and what he has learned from the watch experts over the years at the world’s largest watch and jewellery exhibition.

Since you started hosting the Baselworld series three years ago, do you find yourself scrutinising watches more than usual? I definitely pay more attention to watches when I meet people now. It really says something about someone. And also the choice of watch. If I see a Rolex, I think, this person wanted luxury and went for the only brand they knew, if I see a Romaine Jerome, I’m blown away.

What was your first watch? That would be a little piece by Swiss Army. I’d always liked military inspired stuff and saw an ad that featured medics evacing a soldier on a stretcher, and at the bottom it said Swiss military. And for some reason, I was like, yeah, that’s the watch I need.

How would you describe your taste in watches now and how has it evolved over the years? I guess like the example of Swiss military watch, which isn’t luxury at all, I’m looking for more sophisticated or fun pieces. But not necessarily expensive.

What is your go-to watch for any occasion? Probably a Tag Heuer.

Smart watches — yay or nay? I’m saying yay. Because I think it’s inevitable that watches will integrate tech. In ten years we probably won’t even call smart. Watches, smart watches, they’ll just be watches.

What is your ultimate dream watch? Romain Jerome Dia de los Muertos. Romain Jerome have some fun designs. But they tend to be pricey. But I absolutely love the skull design and all the little details.

Dia de los Muertos Resucitado Oro Rojo
The Romain Jerome Dia de los Muertos Resucitado Oro Rojo.

Give us a peek behind-the-scenes at Baselworld. Most of the fun is when the cameras are off with the interviewees. Many of them high profile in the watch industry and are very stressed with the load of Baselworld and willing to have a laugh. Laura Burdese at Calvin Klein watches was really cool, and very accommodating when we accidentally deleted her interview and had to re-shoot it.

You’ve met many watch experts and watchmakers over the past three years at Baselworld. What have you learned from them when comes to choosing a watch? Pay attention to the movement and see what other watchmakers are doing. But I’d say the biggest thing is to choose a watch that speaks to you and you think is fun. It’s like the advice for enjoying wine. Doesn’t matter how expensive it is or what the experts say, like what you like and don’t apologise for it.

Catch Jason Godfrey in Tales of Time: Baselworld 2016 on Life Inspired.


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