Online exclusive: Behind the scenes of Lifestyle Advocates

03 September 2016

8-utt-photo-bts copy

The all-new Lifestyle Advocates premieres Sunday, 18 September, featuring the movers and shakers from six of Asia’s most exciting cities.

While we await the premiere, here are some online exclusives through the lens — or through the screen rather — of Life Inspired producer, Dinesh Michan (hint: he’s the guy with the man-bun in the photos) who was in Thailand with the crew to film Lifestyle Advocates host, Utt Panichkul as he brings us around Bangkok to meet some of the city’s most famous and influential personalities.

Having produced a number of Life Inspired Original series including Tales of Time Baselworld, Jason Down Under and Stopover: Switzerland, Dinesh shows us a day in the life of a producer with an exclusive preview behind the scenes of the highly anticipated Lifestyle Advocates.

Day 1

9am - Hello, Krung Thep


Landed in Bangkok. Weather is looking a tad gloomy.

12pm - Call time

2-utt and janesuda-setting up-day 1

It’s straight to the set. Setting up for our first scene with Utt and his guest, Janesuda.


It’s all smiles from these two.

5-utt-janesuda-day 1-dress

Wardrobe change.

4pm - Inception

6-utt-picture in picture in picture-4.20pm

Picture in a picture, in a picture.

4:30pm - Role reversal

7-utt-day 1-roles reversed

And sometimes the tables are turned on set. That may or may not be an apprehensive stare by Kit as he watches Utt take over.

7-utt-photoshoot-day 1

A favourable outcome? We’ll just have to wait for the final edits.


Day 2

11am - Box HIIT


9-utt-ase wang

Not a bad start for day two with Ase Wang.

10-utt-ase wang-box hiit

Morning planks. So glad we’re behind the lens right now.

12:10pm - The take down

12-utt-ase wang-life inspired

Our camera guy getting the lowdown on the situation.

3:30pm - Fuel up

13-utt-cindy bishop-life inspired

Two’s company with Cindy Bishop.

Day 3

2pm - Boys and their toys

13-lifestyle advocates-utt-drone time

14-day 2-drone

Strike a pose for the drone.

3:40pm - Raw footage

15-these are the guys behind the cam

Meet guys behind the camera.

6:15pm - Form and function 


Everyone in their element for the last shoot of the day.

Day 4

12:40pm - The inside scoop

17-utt-Oak, MD of Motif Bangkok

Scrutinising the footage on iPhone screens as Utt chats with the MD of Motif Bangkok.


And … It’s a wrap. Look alive, people!

17-utt-wrap 1

Watch the final cut of Lifestyle Advocates on Life Inspired. Premieres Sunday, 18 September. Remember to check back to watch the first episode online here, featuring Lifestyle Advocates Singapore host, Tracy Phillips.

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