Overcome Work-Related Pain: 6 Ergonomic Products For Your Home Office

19 June 2017

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For those who work from home or even those who constantly bring their work home from the office, it’s vital that you invest in ergonomic products to increase your wellbeing and health. Some of the major benefits of using ergonomic products while you work include reducing work-related injury or illness and reducing the time taken to complete your tasks. In other words, effective ergonomic products can increase your productivity while minimising your pain due to prolonged immobility. Invest in these six ergonomic products for your home office as soon as possible:

Reduce leg strain with a footrest


Your feet and legs need to be properly supported to avoid long-term health problems due to bad circulation. A footrest helps to decrease varicose veins and swelling, relieve pressure on your lower back, prevent blood clots, and reduce pressure on your legs. If you’re short, a footrest also helps to keep your feet flat on a surface so your weight could be properly distributed.


Avoid bad posture with an adjustable standing desk converter

Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

Ideal for smaller desks, an adjustable standing desk converter is a small yet effective addition to your home office. Featuring a palm rest and pneumatic adjustment, the product helps you to avoid bad posture, in addition to lowering the risk of cancer (particularly colon and breast cancer, which can be caused due to prolonged sitting), cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes and other metabolic problems, and obesity.


Reduce eye and neck strain with a monitor arm

Monitor Arm

Seeing your monitor in its fixed position for hours can result in strained neck and eyes. Reduce neck and eye strain as well as avoid poor posture and shoulder pain with a monitor arm, which allows you to easily adjust the angle, depth, and height of your monitor to ensure you’re in your most comfortable, pain-free position for hours.


Avoid back pain with an ergonomic swivel office chair

Ergonomic Swivel Office Chair

Ergonomic chairs are the most popular ergonomic products on the market, and they really do make a difference to your wellbeing and health. If you’re going to sit for a long time, you might as well get comfortable. Besides properly supporting your back and relieving you off from muscle fatigue and lower back pain, an ergonomic chair improves your concentration by limiting discomfort and allows for proper circulation.


Sit or stand while you work with an adjustable sit or stand desk

Adjustable Sit Stand Desk


If you’ve got some extra space in your home office, consider investing in an adjustable sit or stand desk. Such desks allow you to conveniently adjust the height of your desk so you can work standing up or sitting down, whatever makes you comfortable. There’s a study by Mayo Clinic which found that you can burn an additional 340 calories a day if you spend two hours standing up while at work, so alternate between sitting and standing whenever you can.


Type comfortably with an ergonomic keyboard

Ergonomic Keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard helps to minimise muscle strain, reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, and prevent other repetitive strain injuries. There are at least four types of ergonomic keyboards most commonly found on the market: the split keyboard, contoured keyboard, handheld keyboard, and angled split keyboard. Each of these keyboards has different key features that could benefit different people.


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Written by Dayana Sobri

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