W Taipei

Cosmopolitan Chic

Welcome to the whirlwind world of W Taipei, an artistic icon right in the heart of the exhilarating Xinyi district where the city's most exuberant nightlife, scintillating entertainment, hottest fashion and other spectacular attractions reside.

Where Taipei Unwinds

From celebrity chef Jereme Leung's nouvelle Chinese cuisine at YEN to Taipei's most innovative cocktails, live it up at our destination restaurants and bars, then dip into the cool WET® pool, work out at SWEAT® Fitness Center and revitalize at AWAY® Spa.

Pillow Talk

For your living pleasure, 405 dreamy rooms adorned with the signature W bed, state-of-the-art entertainment, up-to-the-minute technology and the fabulous Munchie Box await your arrival, while our Whatever/Whenever® service fulfills all other wishes.

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Absolut Vodka

Philea Resort & Spa Malacca

This piece of paradise has been a delightful heaven in the making. On this paradise, one of the country's premier resort lies in the shade of forest giants as well as the faultless flow of waterfalls. Here, you will find a resort unlike no other - a rustic architecture with secluded bays curled around pristine greenery, evening skies woven with colour, and a deep sense of serenity reserved exclusively for our guests.

This is the privilege of Philea Resort & Spa. The privilege of peace, tranquility and ultimate relaxation.

The accommodation at Philea Resort & Spa captures the nostalgic elegance of an age where quality and care were a way of life. Bespoke furniture merges with the beauty of finest quality pine log and railway sleepers that pave the way to create an environment that is both beautiful and comfortable. Surround yourself and relax against a backdrop of rolling hills and lush green forest.

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Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka

ABSOLUT VODKA, introduced in the US in 1979, is the fourth largest international premium spirit in the world and is available in 126 markets. ABSOLUT VODKA is the number one brand of premium vodka worldwide.

Every bottle of ABSOLUT VODKA is produced in Åhus, in southern Sweden.

ABSOLUT VODKA is produced from winter wheat, a hardy wheat grain that gives ABSOLUT VODKA its smooth grain character.

ABSOLUT VODKA uses a unique process called continuous distillation, introduced in the nineteenth century by "The Vodka King", Lars Olsson Smith. ABSOLUTVODKA is distilled hundreds of times until all impurities have been removed.

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The spirit of Mumm

FROM the start, nearly 200 years ago, it was the preferred drink of French kings and the royal families of Europe. Today G.H. Mumm is the third largest champagne producer in the world.

It’s still the leading brand in France and Italy and is growing in popularity in Asia, and more than 100 countries around the world, with nearly eight million bottles sold each year.

Only the best is simply what Mumm is all about – whether it’s in sourcing the grapes directly from the growers in the best areas, or overseeing the pressing of them in the most vital stage of champagne making.

The House of G.H. Mumm offers champagnes with a sense of tradition and for all occasions, to be enjoyed on their own or with food, whether savoury or sweet, with a rare balance between freshness and intensity.

In this range are the G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge, G.H. Mumm Demi-Sec, G.H. Mumm Rose, G.H. Mumm Grand Cru, G.H. Mumm Millesime, Mumm de Cramant and Cuvee R. Lalou

The House of G.H. Mumm was formally established in 1827 in Rheims, the coronation city of French kings. But it all really began in 1761 when Peter Arnold Mumm started a wine production and distribution business in Cologne, Germany. His three sons saw the potential of Mumm champagne and were able to establish the champagne house in Rheims.

In 1852, Georges Hermann de Mumm, son of one of the founders, took control of the champagne House, renaming it G.H. Mumm & Co.

Its directors took the champagne all over the world, growing the business with a multi-cultural and innovative approach, but always with excellence in mind. One of Mumm’s managers even went to live in London to study the British drinking habits.

It was the start of a pattern in the continual search for new markets. Indeed by the start of the 20th century G.H. Mumm had received the royal warrant to supply the British royal family, going on to find favour at other European courts.

In 1876, Georges Hermann Mumm registered the “Cordon Rouge” name with the legal authorities in Rheims, a name now synonymous with the House’s reputation for excellence.
A special cuvée was even created – the "Champagne des Souverains".

In 1927, the House of G.H.Mumm played a role in creating the official champagne appellation and defining the approved grape-growing and vinification methods. In 1939, René Lalou became chairman of the company, lending his name to a prestigious cuvée.

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Mandarin Oriental

A stay at any Mandarin Oriental is hard to resist. But it's even harder when you see just how tempting our rates and packages are. Click here to see what makes them so special.

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What does Bobbi find beautiful? The answer may surprise you?

A strong brow, bedroom eyes, a bump on the nose – those are the features that inspire me. Beauty isn't about looking perfect. It's about celebrating your individuality.

Bobbi's view might seem unconventional. But to women around the world, it comes as a welcome relief. Bobbi believes that "makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident."

Through Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Bobbi enables every woman to enhance her unique beauty. With straightforward, easy-to-use cosmetics in timeless hues, all formulated to create a smooth, natural, and healthy appearance. A New York Times bestselling author, Bobbi has written five instructional and engaging beauty and lifestyle books: Bobbi Brown Beauty, Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty, Bobbi Brown Beauty Evolution, Bobbi Brown Living Beauty and Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual.

For Bobbi, making other people's lives better simply makes sense. "I love helping others because it feels good," she says. On a year-round basis, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics donates generous financial and in-kind support to organizations including Dress for Success and the Jane Addams Vocational High School.



L'OFFICIEL SINGAPORE is the essential fashion and beauty read for the chic, successful, affluent and independent woman. It is for the woman with a refined taste in everything fashionable, beautiful and stylish. It's for someone like you, who aspires towards the finest and the most elegant things in life.

Aimed at women between 25 and 49, L'Officiel has defined French taste in elegance, design, exhibitions, decoration and architecture since it was founded in 1921. The licensed Singapore version embodies the spirited character of the original, but overlain with a unique and appropriate local flavour.

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CHi Fitness

CHi Fitness

Better Health for a Better Life

Chi - energy... the vital life force. For thousands of years medical practitioners in Asia have worked with the 'universal energy' of our own bodies; they offer no cures, but enable your body to heal itself. In China it's known as Chi or Qi, in Japan 'Ki' and in India 'Prana'. Whether through acupuncture or acupressure, reiki or pranic healing, the very essence of our existence is manipulated to better our health.

At CHi Fitness we offer the same, simple solution: to better your health by increasing your Chi through regular exercise. In doing so you open the door to a better life. We recognise the importance of happiness, a key ingredient for a better life. Enjoying the exercise you partake in to keep fit will automatically transfer into a feeling of well-being, and as such your gains will be amplified. In basing the CHi Fitness concept on group-class activities we are allowing all participants to benefit not only from the classes they join, but also from human nature's instinctive desire to work together, learn together, play together, and to enjoy one's efforts socially and communally. It matters not whether you are lifting weights, body-pumping or performing yoga poses, what matters - to your overall health - is that you are doing something, and doing something that you enjoy! CHi Fitness is not just about energy in a cosmic sense, but about positive energy, happy energy, energy for life. Improving your health is the simplest way to improve your life, in every way.

Through CHi Fitness you can find a way to better health, for a better life.

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Bazaar Fashion Concerto

Bazaar Fashion Concerto
by Harper's Bazaar Indonesia

Media Partner

Bazaar Fashion Concerto is a charity night harmonizing two elements (MUSIC and FASHION) in a very beautiful package.

Held every two years, Bazaar Fashion Concerto 2010 is the fourth charity night. As a great event this makes Fashion Technology as its 2010 theme. Not only it will present unlimited creativity of Indonesia talents, but will also be flavored with inspiration from the richness of Indonesian culture.

Technology makes ease all creative works in all aspects of life, including fashion.

This great Bazaar Fashion Concerto is an event presenting beautiful collaboration of multimedia, sound system, lighting, most updated technology, touch of electronic music, combination of many variants of music and show such as acrobat, choir, percussion, etc.

Bazaar Fashion Concerto 2010 is the first event presenting 10 designers with different themes in each segment. All combine and collaborate to produce a united show with many surprises.

Bazaar Fashion Concerto is a kind of full energy show like never before.

Learn more about Harper's Bazaar Indonesia at www.harpersbazaar.co.id.

Jakarta Culinary Festival

Jakarta Culinary Festival

Official Lifestyle TV Channel for the inaugural Jakarta Culinary Festival 2009

Official TV Channel for the Jakarta Culinary Festival 2010

"A one-month festival of epic culinary journey that takes you to a new world of taste sensations!"

In its 7th year of operation, ISMAYA Group, a master in producing highly acclaimed, successful and fun-filled events, is thrilled to present Jakarta Culinary Festival 2009, a one-month festival consisting of a succession of events that takes place in multiple venues across Jakarta. The festival features the region’s best culinary stars showcasing their impressive gastronomic knowledge and techniques, namely Masterchefs Chris Salans, Paul Wilson, Will Meyrick, and wine expert Nick Stock. The festival will also highlight local culinary stars, Executive Chef of Social House, Aldo Volpi; Executive Chef of Blowfish, Hugo Adrian; Executive Chef of Java Bleu, Antoine Audran; Executive Chef of Four Seasons, Vindex Tengker and award winning sommelier Suyanto.

Jakarta Culinary Festival is aimed to introduce a new gourmet experience to food lovers in Jakarta; promote quality F&B; products currently available in Jakarta from trusted suppliers; and unite the people of Jakarta through the topic of good food, good drinks, and good fun. On a bigger scale, the objective of this festival is to promote Jakarta as a centre of the culinary world in the Southeast Asian region and as a fantastic travel destination.

Learn more about Ismaya Group at www.ismayagroup.com.


Katathani Phuket Beach Resort, Phuket

Resting along 850 meters of unspoilt white sandy beach, embraced by lush green hills and sparkling blue ocean, Katathani Phuket Beach Resort recalls a tropical dream. Warm sands, the soft rhythm of lapping waves, and gently swaying coconut palms relax your senses-while our six swimming pools, six restaurants, and full-service spa delight them.

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Villa Semana

Villa Semana, Ubud-Bali

Nirvana exists - It is not your imagination. Villa Semana Bali is a haven serenely nestled high in the green valleys of artistic Ubud. Built with the discerning traveler in mind, we have much to offer. Our resort located only 10 minutes drive from Down town Ubud.

Pondok Restaurant

Overlooking the central swimming pool perched right on the edge of the Ayung River gorge, the Pondok Restaurant boasts a truly epicurean selection of gastronomic delights from traditional Balinese fare to a luscious Balinese/Thai fusion combination in the best of Asian foods.

The Semana Spa at Villa Semana

Serenely seated on the banks of the Ayung River, the Arcadian setting of the 2 open-air bales and 1 massage pavilion that front the Semana Spa is a perfect blend of Nature and modern architectural creation in seamless poetry.

Our mantra of taking the holistic approach of healing arouses the sensory pleasures both physically and spiritually. Spa treatments evolve from Balinese traditions. Unwind to our therapists’ intuitive touch as they are devoted to knead and soothe those weary cares away.

Sheer bliss is luxuriating in the intimacy our lotus pond, listening to the rhythmic murmur of the waterfall, poised with a delicate champagne flute in hand. That redefines the bohemian term of term chill-out.

Learn more about Villa Semana at www.villasemana.com.

August Man

August Man

Media Partner

AUGUST MAN is Singapore's quality men's style journal. A glossy monthly magazine aimed at the affluent, global-roaming, cosmopolitan man who covets success and the finer things in life.

August Man is fresh, irreverent and provocative. From the sharpest styling, hip designers and essential luxe accessories to the latest and greatest in travel, business, music, technology, pop culture and motoring, August Man has it covered. With insightful feature articles, in-depth celebrity profiles and razor-sharp writing, it's the intelligent man's read in Asia. August Man - The Definitive Men's Journal!

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