Q&A: Mike Lewis, Lifestyle Advocates Indonesia

16 September 2016


One of Indonesia’s most sought-after TV star and model, Mike Lewis hosts Lifestyle Advocates Indonesia. Born in Japan and raised in Canada, as a son of a diplomat for the Embassy of Canada, Mike has spent most of his life in different parts of the world.

First scouted in 2001 by Adimodel agency while on holiday in Indonesia, he has since worked his way across the globe. Named “The Sexiest Cosmo Man” by Cosmopolitan magazine for two years in a row, he was also nominated as Most Favourite Actor at the MTV Indonesia Movie Awards in 2007 for his role in the box office hit, ‘Suster Ngesot’.

After highlighting his idols and influential mates in Lifestyle Advocates, we turn the spotlight back on Mike for the ultimate travel, fitness and style hacks.

How would you describe your current lifestyle? 

My current lifestyle is organic, nothing is set in stone. I liken myself to water flowing through Jakarta, through Indonesia, throughout Asia and the world, absorbing everything I can.

What would you say is the best thing about your current lifestyle?

Work allows me to travel a lot and with friends in every city it is hard not to take in everything and try and do whatever this world has to offer. And I do so with my own personal stamp, my own style, my own attitude.


Just bring the essentials and your favourites. That way you are free to buy whatever you want and light enough to go wherever you want.

What’s the worst thing about your current lifestyle? And if there’s one thing you could change about your current lifestyle, what would it be?

With all that travel and trying to do so much, my sleep and health suffer sometimes. I have always been an athlete so time away from sports I love hurts the soul, but I do try my best to always fit some fitness in.

If I am going to be honest, sometimes it’s hard to find a partner who can keep up with my schedule and my non-stop motor. So maybe that’s something I would like to change in the near future [laughs].

What was your most memorable moment while filming Lifestyle Advocates? 

We had plenty of moments together. I love the people I interviewed, whether they were my friends or my idols, or just people who motivate me to better myself.

The interview with Chiko and Rio was fun because those guys aren’t used to interviews in English, so we had lots of laughs. With Andien, that was the first interview I have ever done while being essentially electrocuted, so that should definitely be fun to watch. And who could forget being given the keys to a Lamborghini Aventador!

Are there any bloopers you’d like to let the audience in on? 

I thought I may have crashed the Aventador [laughs]. Don’t think that was captured on film — thank god. And of course while I was in the kitchen I had a tonne of bloopers, I try and hide the fact that I am a very messy chef.


Having to travel a lot for work, can you share with us an indispensable travel hack tip that has worked for you throughout the years?

Well if you are travelling far across time zones, the trick is to not let your body get the better of you. Stay up as long as you can that first night. Never sleep in the day time no matter what!

For all my travels though, it is always best to travel light and to just bring the essentials and your favourites. That way you are free to buy whatever you want and light enough to go wherever you want. But make sure you always have one outfit that makes you shine.

How do you stay fit while travelling? 

Hmmm…This is a tough one. I guess it’s more about maximising your time in the gym when you actually get there. So, go hard when you can because you never know when you are going to get back in. But also the small stuff helps like doing push-ups and sit-ups in your room. Sometime my son Kenzou even sits on my back while I do them.

And it’s not so much about diet, it’s about moderation. You don’t need to finish your entire plate of food. My mom always told me, “Mikey, finish your food. There are people starving.” But the truth of the matter is there is enough food in the world to feed the entire population four times over on any given day, so think of yourself and what your body can handle.

You have five minutes to get dressed for a spontaneous day out in Jakarta. What are you wearing?

Better to be dressed up than dressed down. So, nice khakis, belt, collared shirt, with a blazers and nice shoes. Shoes, I am told, is what people pay attention to most, so make sure yours are both comfortable and presentable — and hopefully eye catching. And as my good friend Arthur would say, what’s a good pair of shoes without a great pair of socks. Wear some flashy socks to really to really make your outfit pop.


Better to be dressed up than dressed down.

What is your favourite staycation spot in Jakarta?

My whole life is about doing things different, about discovering new things, and as loyal as I am to the things I like, staycation spots are something I definitely need to switch up constantly. However, some of my highlights have been at the Darmawangsa Hotel for a great mix of tradition and modern five-star service and food.

So, where can we usually find you on weekends? 

Weekends, if not spent with my son Kenzou, would entail sports on Saturday morning or afternoon – perhaps flag football, rugby or golf, followed by rest then dinner with friends at a new restaurant in town. I swear there is a new trendy restaurant opening up here every week.

Watch: Mike’s culinary skills in action.

Sunday would be more chilled. Maybe a champagne brunch with more friends followed by a massage somewhere nice or an escape to the cinema. Then Sunday night dinner has always been big in my family so it usually involves cooking in Mike’s kitchen. You better hope you are invited because it gets real interesting [laughs].

Lifestyle Advocates premieres Sunday, 18 September 2016, 10:30pm MY/HK/SIN. Catch the premiere episode of Lifestyle Advocates online at  

Interview by Dee May

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