Quick foodie 5 with Ananda Everingham

27 July 2016


We followed Ananda Everingham around Bangkok in sampling some of the city’s finest Thai and international cuisines. Now, we turn the spotlight on Life Inspired host to with five quick questions on all things food. 

Sweet or savoury?
Never had much of a sweet tooth, so savoury and anything with fish sauce.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee all the way. I’m fully blown coffee addict; black no sugar, thanks.

Favourite no-fail place for a first date in Bangkok?
Le Bouchon in Patpong. Super divvy outside and all class inside, with great home cooked recipes and an ever changing seasonal menu. But book cause there a less than ten tables.

If you could only eat one Thai dish (and nothing else!) for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I’d go stir crazy with the choice of just one dish, but if my arm is twisted Thailand’s all time classic krapow (stir-fry with basil) with Thai style fried egg. But you’d have to give me different choices of protein to be cooked with it, I wouldn’t be able to make it my whole life with just krapow chicken.

We heard you’re quite the egg connoisseur. Any plans to expand your home cook menu?
I have plans to open a restaurant, so expanding my cooking repertoire might inevitable. However, I do have my genius culinary moments; usually in the wee hours, after a night out in town and most times involving the re-appropriation of leftovers and no memory of the recipe the next day.

Explore the best of Bangkok’s fine food scene with Ananda in Taste Bangkok, a Life Inspired Original.

Edited by Dee May

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