Body Blaze

30 minute

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EP 8

Rip Intervals
Core power at its best! Adding the element of time x rep x tempo, this quick fire workout gets that heart rate up and sweating in little time!

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EP 7

MET Level 2
Achieve a new level of fitness with the Sandbells - a fantastic option for conditioning better grip and versatility in training.

EP 6

Fit With A Ball
Refreshing exercises using common equipment such as exercise balls and dumbbells.

EP 5

Rip Trainer 1
A friend of the familiar brand "TRX TRAINING", Rip Trainer provides a unique mix of rotational resistance, core stability, and coordination training.

EP 4

Transition Zone
Programme your brain to learn new movement patterns and train those neural pathways to react efficiently, especially when it comes to injury prevention.

EP 3

Dance 360
Check out our top 3 favourite styles to groove to with moves targeted to work and tone those muscles!

EP 2

Move 360
Stimulate your nervous system with "Move 360" to get your body working like a machine with heart-pumping beats.

EP 1

MET Level 1
Go back to basics - exercise without being intimidated by movement and equipment, simplicity can work wonders!