A Bryk At A Time S2

Wednesday 10:30 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

Season 2

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EP 14

Toughest Client To Date
Danielle must renovate for her husband Greg. But first, she'll have to open his mind to her open concept floor plan. Will the husband who hates change be able to love her idea?

EP 13

More Than One Surprise
To surprise his wife, new homeowner Azam is renovating their master bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Can Danielle turn these awkward outdated rooms into a contemporary masterpiece?

EP 12

Galley Kitchen Blow Out
Angie doesn't want an enclosed kitchen, so, the walls are broken down. But higher costs arise when the modern kitchen and the old fashioned dining room is combined.

EP 11

Constructing Comfort
Brian has cancer, thus Danielle fights damaged drains and asbestos lined pipes in an effort to provide a safe haven where he and his family can spend more time together.

EP 10

Time To Change
Danielle renovates for a couple who has different tastes. Keeping both interests in mind, it's a challenge as it's the husband's childhood home and she's also never met the wife.

EP 9

Love It or Leave It
Megan needs a house that suits her growing family, but this house gives problems when it comes to budget and storage. Can Danielle give this old home a new life?

EP 8

Bryk VS Brick
Kim and Scott have a big sizable brick wall standing in the way of their open-concept dream. In addition, Danielle must also deal with a small kitchen and an awkward powder room.

EP 7

Basement Of Horrors
Danielle rescues Dan and David from their uninhabitable basement. The task is made more difficult by dangerous wiring and flooding which begs the question 'what lies beneath?'.

EP 6

Big Basement, Baby Budget
With one of the tightest budgets she's worked with, Danielle helps cash strapped couple Jackie and Stuart complete their unfinished basement that's long overdue.

EP 5

Two Siblings & A Baby
Danielle needs to convert one floor with no bathroom into a cozy space for Julia and her daughter and the 2nd floor on the other hand needs to be transformed into a bachelor pad.

EP 4

Good Knight Bed
Danielle's next job has her tackling a home with some questionable design decisions. On top of that, Danielle also has to deal with a mold issue that shuts down the renovation.

EP 3

No Margin For Error
Danielle is in a rush to finish a reno before her client's annual gathering for family and friends. In addition to the time constraint, she also has to deal with plumbing issues.

EP 2

Is It Good Enough For Phillip?
Patrick wants Danielle to revamp his 60s inspired home to a stylish space. Some structural issues are seen which then makes her think outside the box.

EP 1

The Wish List
Danielle is faced to renovate a kitchen that is a complete disaster and a living room that has turned into a kid's playroom and what's worse is she has to finish it in a few weeks!