Cake Walk: Wedding Cake Edition

1 hour

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EP 13

Woodsy Whims
Lindsay and Jamie's love of the outdoors is the inspiration for their wedding cake, but they don't want the competing cake designers to mistake camping with elegant outdoor wedding.

EP 12

Tropical Paradise
Nadine and Sean love the Caribbean vibe. They hope cake designers Tatiana, Elyse and Lora can create a wedding cake to feature at their reception that is pure paradise.

EP 11

Kevin feels that embracing his bride to-be Nina's shopaholic tendencies is the perfect theme for their wedding cake. He turns to three cake designers to create the perfect cake.

EP 10

French Flair
Sujin and Peter, who fell in love in romantic Paris, will be looking to three cake designers to create a Paris-inspired wedding cake to be the focal point of their reception.

EP 9

Rustic Vineyard
Maria and Nick are very proud of their Italian heritage. Three cake designers face the challenge of incorporating the feel of a rustic Italian vineyard into their wedding cake.

EP 8

Sea Of Love
Unorthodox couple Amy and Tim are turning to three cake designers to create the perfect wedding cake combining the vintage ambiance of their yacht club with a nautical feel.

EP 7

The Cake of Life
Fun-loving, spontaneous couple Katie and Jamie hope three cake designers can bring to life the story of their journey together in a spectacular cake for their wedding day.

EP 6

Robot Adventure
Self proclaimed "robot-geeks" Dana and Chris look to three cake designers to create the perfect wedding cake combining their love of all things mechanical with love for adventure.

EP 5

Shakespearean Masquereade
Three cake designers have been given quite the task – to create a cake that will be the centerpiece of couple Rachel and Joe's Masquerade Ball themed wedding, and feed 600 guests!

EP 4

Belle of the Ball
Jamie and his princess, Jill are hoping that three cakes designers can create a wedding cake that mimics the same style and elegance as Jill's elaborate fairytale wedding gown.

EP 3

Hollywood Glamour
Robert and his actress bride-to-be are looking to three cake designers to capture the heyday of the silver screen in a wedding cake that will get top billing on their special day.

EP 2

Fright Night
Three cake designers test their skills to make a wedding cake that is more treat than trick for comedians Jeannette and Marty who want their day to be a spooky Halloween spectacle.

EP 1

Punk Rock Love
Three cake designers each try to create a cake to compliment rock-and-rollers Jessica and Chris' edgy exterior and still reflect the couple's sensibility on their wedding day.