Candice Tells All S3

30th September

Wednesday 10:30 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

Season 3

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EP 26

Basement Bonanza
Candice takes on Sandy and Sean's mammoth basement, redesigning the space from floor to ceiling.

EP 25

Bare Bones Bedroom
Candice comes to Michele's rescue in the renovation of her newly purchased historic home as she transforms her master bedroom from a blank canvas to a boho boudoir.

EP 24

Ensuite Dreams
Long time team member, master painter Bernie enlists Candice's help in overhauling his outdated and seldom used master ensuite.

EP 23

Conceptual Living
Candice takes on Nadia and Daniel's open concept living room and dining room transforming it into an elegant space with generous seating for entertaining and relaxing.

EP 22

Rock Around the Basement
Candice and the team are starting from scratch as they transform Kelly and Jim's completely unfinished basement into a multi-purpose living space for this musical family.

EP 21

Travelers Life
Mary Grace and Manesh's living room is completely empty, thus Candice tries to create a room that combines Mary Grace's desire for sparkle and Manesh's masculinity.

EP 20

Open Kitchen
Candice renovates Zita and Aras' kitchen, but when two walls come down, Candice realizes that the dining room won't measure up to the look of the newly designed kitchen.

EP 19

Fresh Start Family Room
Candice throws her heart and soul into a basement family room makeover for recently widowed Rebecca and her three children.

EP 18

Down to Work
Candice tackles a basement home office for Roslyn and her husband David whose attempt at a DIY reno has been less than stellar.

EP 17

Kitchen Comforts
Cynthia and Jon have just one massive kitchen left to do and Candice redesigns this kitchen but last minute requests from the homeowners tests the patience of her crew.

EP 16

Creative Living
Candice takes Laura and Mitchell's standard living and dining room and creates two flexible spaces for these artistic young parents to relax and create in.

EP 15

Mastering the Bedroom
With two infant children, Sue and Shouvik need their large bedroom to be a relaxing retreat – a prospect which thrills Candice because she loves nothing more than luxury.

EP 14

Getting Married Makeover
First time homeowners ask Candice to transform their bland, unfurnished, tiny living and dining room into a space where they can entertain guests for their upcoming wedding.

EP 13

Cosmopolitan Condo
A former athlete herself, Candice delights in creating a restful, sophisticated space where competitive trampolinist Martin, can restore and revitalize before his next tournament.

EP 12

Book Lover's Retreat
To say that Alice and Bob are bookish is an understatement. Candice finds their downtown townhouse den filled to the brim with sagging bookcases and much loved well-worn furniture.

EP 11

Bland Beautiful Bedroom
Candice is thrilled to redesign Kim and Peter's master bedroom, the only untouched room in a stunning ranch house that is a sought-after location for film and commercial shoots.

EP 10

Out of the Woods
Candice is called in to rework Anita and Jeff's family room that features natural oak and lots of it: everything from built-in bookcases to wainscoting to window shutters.

EP 9

From Tired to Inspired
Candice loves designing kitchens, but with Vicky and Joey's project she gets more than she bargained for when Joey's 85 year-old mother comes to stay.

EP 8

Room for Two
Working within the constraints of an ultralow budget, Candice challenges her team to a competition to create a pretty girlie room for Caryl and Jeff's young daughters.

EP 7

Fabulous Family Room
Sonya and Peter wants the large off-centre fireplace in their family room gone but Candice sells them on her vision of making the room work with a great design.

EP 6

High Tech Ensuite
Tech gurus, Paula and Philip, want Candice to gut their ordinary, old bathroom and redesign it, complete with state of the art technology.

EP 5

Too Many Cooks in The Kitchen
New Dad, Brixton, wants to keep an eye on his young son while he cooks, so Candice plans to create an open concept main floor for this heritage townhouse.

EP 4

Grown Up Master Bedroom
Genny and Steve's master bedroom has remained untouched for twelve years and Candice must bring this 1970's throwback into the 21st century.

EP 3

Blockbuster Basement
Candice turns a cold featureless basement into a cozy, nature-inspired retreat that will allow Tania and Vinicius and their two young children to play, relax, work, and even sleep.

EP 2

From Beige to Bold
Lisa and Alon, who can't decide on anything other than beige furniture and beige walls for their large living room/dining room seek Candice's help to inject style into their home.

EP 1

CPR for the Basement
Candice's restorative skills are put to the test as she brings emergency room Doctor Nick's flooded basement back to life with an open concept, multi-functional finished space.