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Tuesday 10:30 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

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EP 13

The Blingy Bathroom
Chris and Irma want to enlarge and re-style their dated, poorly functioning bathroom in a Parisian flair. Paul blings out their bathroom with Roman-style columns and a chandelier.

EP 12

The Hunter Yoga Kitchen
Shasta and Ian desperately want to update their kitchen to bring it inline with their eclectic interests. Paul unites the kitchen with a design that meets both their needs.

EP 11

The Breakfast Bar Kitchen
Single mom of three Terri has been saving up for 20 years to renovate her kitchen. Paul remodels the layout and creates Terri's dream kitchen.

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EP 10

The Barn Beam Bathroom
Jeff and Allyson live in a large heritage home with only one bathroom. Paul comes up with a creative design that blends modern bathroom appliances and the home's heritage flavour.

EP 9

The Movie Theatre Room
Paul builds a movie-themed room for foster parents Geoff and Heidi with a booth that converts into a king size bed, with stowaway single beds underneath and a projection screen.

EP 8

The West Coast Room
Jeremy and Tabitha want their cluttered family room to reflect their love of the West Coast and be neat and orderly. Paul turns their cramped room into a well-organized space.

EP 7

The Beach Cocktail Bar
Méline and Greg want to turn their spare room into an escape within their home. Paul creates a Caribbean oasis with a cabana-style cocktail bar, lounging sofa and beach murals.

EP 6

The Canoe Great Room
Brian and Allison have always dreamed of owing a cottage, so they decide to recreate that cottage feel in their home. Paul transforms their great room into a warm inviting space.

EP 5

The Rain Shower Master Bedroom
With two active young boys, David and Andrea need their own personal bathroom. Paul has carte blanche with their master bedroom and gives them a sleek modern in-suite bathroom.

EP 4

The Map Mudroom
Tim and Terri Anne just bought their dream home and want a unique mudroom space where their kids can get ready for school. Paul creates a space that reflects their love for travel.

EP 3

The Swivel Television Room
Michele and Tyrone tried to turn their family room into an open concept space, but ended up with a messy playroom instead. Paul solves their problems by flipping the room around!

EP 2

The Onyx Backsplash Kitchen
David and Laura's home life revolves around cooking and entertaining in their kitchen. Paul guts the kitchen, giving them a central stove and a backlight stone onyx backsplash.

EP 1

The Stone Master Bedroom
With a new baby on the scene and another on the way, Stephanie and Eric realize now is the time to turn their master bedroom into a master escape and call on Paul for help.