Decked Out S4

Friday 11:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

Ongoing Season 4

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EP 10

The Stainless Mesh Deck
The house for Susan and Burt to retire in has a nice view and nothing else! So Paul builds a modern deck with dining and cooking areas and a private island lounging deck.

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EP 9

The Beach Club Deck
Cass runs a beach club with a pool surrounded by cottages and wants a large outdoor communal space where everyone can gather. Paul has the perfect solution for what she wants.

EP 8

The Privacy Deck
Selmin and Yasmin want a backyard suitable for their big family. Paul is asked to create a unique deck where Selmin can enjoy the outdoors without wearing a headscarf.

EP 7

The Stone Deck
Cheryl and Andrew want to replace their rotting cedar deck. Paul decides to create a deck that's surfaced completely in stone that has a hot tub, heated walkway and so much more.

EP 6

The Semicircle Deck
Darren and Delaine want a backyard suitable for their big family, but their untidy lawn is getting in the way. With an odd shaped lot, Paul designs a creative sun lounging zone.

EP 5

The BBQ Deck
A couple with two daughters want both beauty and function in their backyard. Paul designs a modern deck with a mix of the two which enables the family to enjoy their new escape.

EP 4

The Waterfall Deck
Anita and Ken decide to finally upgrade the patio that surrounds their backyard pool. Paul creates a masterpiece which enables them to relax under the shades of their new retreat.

EP 3

The Fire Table Deck
Tamara and Steve want a modern style deck to host dinner parties for many people. Paul builds a multi-level masterpiece that will enable them to host outdoors throughout the year.

EP 2

The Moat Deck
Lionel and Sonia want a backyard oasis and enlist Paul for the job. They now have a deck that is surrounded by waterfalls and a moat complete with outdoor kitchen and dining zone.

EP 1

The Awning Deck
Kenneth and Tutran want a deck where they can entertain, but also relax as they watch the kids play. Paul comes up with a three-deck layout for this young family to grow into.