The Dr. Oz Show S6

Premieres 13th August 2016

Saturday 10:30 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

1 hour

Season 6

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EP 20

New Health Uses for Everday Things
Dr. Oz reveals new health uses for your everyday things and the best thing, all the stuff is already in your home! Also, find out the tips and tricks to slim down in one week.

EP 19

Cardiac Arrest: Will You Be Ready to Save a Life?
Dr. Oz gets you ready with a one-of-a-kind lesson if your loved one suffered cardiac arrest. Plus, he exposes the weird, quirky things you do when you think no one's watching.

EP 18

Anti-aging Round Up: The Best Solutions to Save Your Face
Find out the future of your face and your aging type. Also, learn the correct skin care tricks and personalized solutions to save your face from wrinkles, sagging and age spots.

EP 17

Supermodel Christie Brinkley's Anti-aging Secrets
At age 61, supermodel Christie Brinkley reveals her simple and practical anti-aging secrets. Also, Dr. Oz discusses how to reprogram your taste buds to crave healthy food.

EP 16

Wired and Tired: The New Sleep Crisis
Dr. Oz exposes how to rev up your cortisol levels in the morning and keep them at an ideal level throughout the day. Plus, find out how to be happy in the skin you're in!

EP 15

Secrets To Thicker, Fuller, Stronger Hair
Save your hair and makeover your mane! Learn tricks from celebrity stylist on how to keep your hair from thinning. Plus, see what an industry insider uncovered about nail salon.

EP 14

The Surprising Way To Break Your Carb Addiction
Join along as Dr. Oz shares how to tackle one of your biggest addictions, carbs, with carbs! Find out how to break your addiction without giving up eating bread and pasta.

EP 13

Oz Goes Red For Women's Health: Habits That Can Prevent Heart Attacks
Dr. Oz reveals surprising simple steps to reverse your risk of the #1 killer of US women, heart disease. Plus, the red flags to help prevent you from aging faster that you should!

EP 12

The Silent Heart Attack: Could You Have One And Not Know It?
You could have a heart attack and not know it! Dr. Oz defines a silent heart attack and explains on how to spot the subtle warning signs that every woman should know.

EP 11

Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan Halfway Point
Dr. Oz checks in to see what's working and what's not for the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan. He also answers on how to stay on track for the weight loss program.

EP 10

How Glenn Close Saved Her Sister's Life
Glenn Close reveals the moment she realised that her sister Jessie needed to seek professional help for her mental health issues. Plus Dr. Oz shares 10 easy breakfast plan.

EP 9

What The Beauty Industry Is Hiding From You
The beauty industry insiders break their silence! Find out what the cosmetics industry is trying to keep from you. And don't miss to find out 4 surprising signs of adult ADHD.

EP 8

Jennifer Lopez's Health Secrets Revealed
Superstar Jennifer Lopez reveals her health and beauty tips! Stay tuned as she shares the new thing she's into that helps her stay grounded and connected to everything she loves.

EP 7

The Anti-Aging Plan To Look And Feel Like A 10
Find out how to look and feel younger as Dr. Oz reveals the Look Like A 10 Anti-Aging plan. Plus, see all you need for The Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan from its shopping list.

EP 6

Oprah Winfrey: Her Health Epiphany
Oprah Winfrey talks about her health epiphany and how her spiritual journey has led to her ultimate joy. Also join to take a look into a film that she co-star and co-created.

EP 5

Could Antibiotics In Meat Be Making You Sick?
Dr. Oz and his guest doctors discuss the possibility of getting sick due to the use of antibiotics in meat. Plus, Mario Lopez reveals his secret health crisis for the first time.

EP 4

Hair Salon Treatments: What You Need To Know
See what Dr. Oz uncovered in his investigation into the controversy around the chemicals in hair straighteners and relaxers. Plus, learn the tips to survive everyday emergencies.

EP 3

What To Eat For Every Body Type
You're big on top or the bottom? Dr. Oz offers tips to tackle your weight challenges by eating the proper foods for your body type. Plus find out the trick to relieve your stress.

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EP 2

A Dr. Oz Alert: The Dangers Of Walk-In Cosmetic Procedures
Dr. Oz discusses the risks of getting walk-in cosmetic procedures under the care of untrained and unlicensed doctor. See what you need to know before you make an appointment.

EP 1

Oz Alert: Deadly Heart Attacks In Women Under 55 On The Rise
Heart disease is US #1 women's killer. Find out if you're at risk as Dr. Oz analyses the warning signs and symptoms. He also goes into the controversy surrounding flu shots.