Mansion Hunters

Friday 10:30 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

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EP 10

Paul has one week to find the perfect Palm Springs location for a wedding, and back in L.A., things heat when Marisa and Kenny have to put out fires on a cooking show shoot.

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EP 9

Paul & Marisa scour Malibu for a picky heiress, and if meeting their client's many demands wasn't enough, the client's dog has the final say on the mansion's approval.

EP 8

Paul wants perfection during the Image Locations annual client appreciation party, but when an unwanted guest is caught poaching Paul's clients, he decides to do something drastic.

EP 7

Kenny puts his client's shoot in jeopardy when the homeowner is the last to know about a lion on her premises and Paul's relationship with a longtime client gets messy.

EP 1

The Masterpiece
When Hollywood's hot celebrities, production companies and fashion photographers need a larger than life luxurious mansion for work or play, there's one man they call: Paul Kim.