Million Dollar Contractor S4

Thursday 10:30 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

Season 4

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EP 13

Townhouse Transformation
On this episode, Stephen Fanuka renovates and restores a massive 1860s townhouse in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood.

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EP 12

Supermodel Pad
On this episode, Stephen Fanuka and Supermodel Erin Heatherton team up to remodel her apartment.

EP 11

Park Avenue Combo
Stephen Fanuka's Park Avenue clients has bought the apartment next door and it is up to him to upgrade the space.

EP 10

Murphy's Law
On this episode, Stephen Fanuka is called to renovate a pier de terre on the upper east side.

EP 9

Repeat Customers
Million dollar contractor Stephen Fanuka gets right to work when an old client calls him to fix their kitchen.

EP 8

Greenwich Village Rehab
When a couple's contractor abandons their work mid-renovation, a couple calls in Fanuka to the rescue.

EP 7

Kitchen Redux
Architect Gordon Kahn brings in Fanuka to reimagine a cramped Manhattan kitchen for a client. The job goes smoothly, until the client changes the design at the last minute.

EP 6

Upstate Karma
Stephen Fanuka teams up with an old friend on a charity project, renovating a small house which has structural issues for a needy upstate family.

EP 5

Downtown Loft
Fanuka takes on a job downtown, where his client just bought an apartment which lacks character, so it's up to him to install cabinets and paneling to transform it like no other.

EP 4

Pro Bono Renos
Fanuka takes on two projects for charity, but when problems arise, it seems that no good deed goes unpunished. But with a little ingenuity and some elbow grease, will he succeed?

EP 3

Guest Suite Gut Reno.
Stephen Fanuka is presented with a unique challenge which is to combine a studio with the luxurious apartment next door.

EP 2

Tribeca Loft
Stephen Fanuka teams up with an up and coming designer to give a downtown loft apartment a style upgrade.

EP 1

Eight Room Reno
Million dollar contractor Stephen Fanuka is back and this time he is hired to restore a huge, crumbling upper west side apartment to its original glory.