Namaste Yoga S4

Premieres 2nd April 2017

Sunday 6:00 AM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

Season 4

About The Show


EP 13

Balanced Being
Balanced Being is a powerful, flowing sequence that creates presence and strength. Use this practice to root down, then rise up with confidence and a centered, balanced energy.

EP 12

Revolve to Evolve
Use Revolve to Evolve sequence to detoxify, build confidence and restore a sense of balance and well-being to take off the mat and into the rest of your day.

EP 11

Root to Rise
The Root to Rise sequence provides an opportunity to explore your capacity for receiving energy, while building strength and confidence.

EP 10

Expand and Empower
Alignment isn't merely a physical expression. Enjoy this strengthening sequence while taking the opportunity provided by the Expand and Empower practice to observe your alignment.

EP 9

Twist to Reveal
Twist to Reveal is a process of exploring the gift of presence in order to find what gifts the body can reveal. Be with your breath and let the process unfold.

EP 8

Awaken Shakti
Enjoy the journey provided by the Awaken sequence, arriving in a moment of presence within yourself that is spacious, strong, and still.

EP 7

Home is At Heart
Heart Flow encourages you to feel, rather than forcing your way through the poses. Explore your height while maintaining an intention to keep your heart lifted and spirits light.

EP 6

Strong, Slow and Steady
Strong, Slow and Steady moves you through that ever-challenging Crow Pose, while guiding you to the realisation that you cannot fail to be where you already are.

EP 5

The Power of One
It's time to play! While still a dynamic practice, the Shiva Nataraja sequence encourages you to find the stillness that lies within the pulse of every movement.

EP 4

Core Connection
A bold sequence, Core Connection uses confident poses to help you embrace your inner strength and let go of any tensions you might encounter.

EP 3

Recharge and Revitalize
Allow your breath to be bigger than the movements of your body in this invigorating sequence. Use this steady rhythm to inform your every moment of your life and practice.

EP 2

Anahata Flow
Anahata Flow allows the body to seek the freedom of the sky while unifying with the breath. Gain a new sense of vision as you learn to see with all your senses.

EP 1

Strengthen and Surrender
This moving meditation leads you through a series of postures that will strengthen your hips and hamstrings.