Open House Overhaul

Premieres 2nd November

Thursday 10:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

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EP 14

Oversized Overhaul
Honey and Doug's house needs a major overhaul for it to sell for top dollar. Sam calls in extra help for the biggest transformation of the season to get this house sold.

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EP 13

From Quirk To Quaint
Shari and Craig's quirky sense of design and long list of unfinished projects are leaving buyers cold. It's up to Sam to get this suburban gem to shine.

EP 12

Natalie is ready to move on to the next chapter in her life, but first she needs to sell her house - and get top price. Sam shows up to bring up the value of this house.

EP 11

All For Family
Jen and Joe's kitchen is worn and dated, and leaving buyers cold. Sam and her team take on a total kitchen renovation to get this house sold.

EP 10

Bachelor 101
Bill's house looks more like a sports bar than a buyer friendly home. After three unsuccessful times on the market, Sam and her team are Bill's last hope to make a sale.

EP 9

Classic Comeback
Dawne and Mike's classic city home should be a buyers delight, but a dull exterior and an outdated kitchen is leaving buyers dismayed. Sam gets the house in tip-top shape for sale.

EP 8

Plus Personality
Ditmar's house has great bones, but it has no personality. Buyers want some style, and this house is just far too plain. Sam puts her designer stamp on this house to get it sold.

EP 7

All Grown Up
Elly and Ray's house is a perfect home for any couple, but right now, it's only staged for kids. Sam and her team elevate the design to make this house appealing to grown-ups.

EP 6

Outdated to Updated
Sam and Velvet's house has been on the market for a year. Outdated finishes, a bland kitchen, and a storage problem in the bedroom are only bringing in low-ball offers.

EP 5

Mystery Solved
Kelly and Rick's house is sticking out in all the ways and buyers aren't biting. Leave it to Sam to transform this house, and bring it up to its full money making potential.

EP 4

House to Home
Michelle's house is very large, but it's also very empty. Sam's staging overhaul applies all the finishing touches, and gets this house buyer ready.

EP 3

From Blue to New
Kelly and Frank have a charming four-bedroom home but the old fashioned main floor is putting buyers off. Sam swoops in with her team, and brings this house up to date.

EP 2

A Home for Everyone
The only people looking at Paul and Dagmar’s colourful home are flippers looking to get their next gut job for a song. Sam saves the day by making their listing sing.

EP 1

Two Full Baths for the Win
James and Amy's house could be the perfect family home in the neighbourhood but with two bathrooms in dire need of a gut job, it only appeals to someone looking for a deal.