Property Virgins S4

Tuesday 10:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

Season 4

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EP 20

The Long Run
Ashley and Brad have relocated to prestigious Princeton and are now hoping to buy a spacious family-friendly home on a sprawling, manicured lot.

EP 19

Handy Men Special
Kelly is hoping to buy a starter home, but with a seriously limited budget, she's worried cost would be the problem when it comes to a house that she really wants.

EP 18

Driving Home
Hoping to put an end to their long-distance relationship commute, Tom and Christina are looking to settle down in a suburban Delaware property complete with all the comforts.

EP 17

High or Low
Alison and Jeff are ready to invest in their very first condo and they hope they can find the perfect condo in Toronto's popular West End.

EP 16

Living Large
Jim is willing to spend top dollar on his first home and his wife has her eye on the bottom line. But is either one prepared for the reality of Toronto's red-hot property market?

EP 15

Home Again
Property virgins Peggy and Kevin are prepared to take out a hefty mortgage as they hope to find a property with a rental unit to help offset their costs.

EP 14

Danish Modern
Daniella is ready to put down roots in Toronto with husband Chris and they're looking to buy a modern home in a mature neighborhood.

EP 13

2nd Chance
Heather and Kristian want to buy a home which suits their pedestrian lifestyle. And they're hoping it is a spacious and affordable property where they can entertain in style.

EP 12

The Breakthrough
Engaged couple Justin and Karina who are still living with their parents are looking for a perfect, move-in ready, suburban Toronto dream home where they can raise a family.

EP 11

Something About Mary
Mary wants to buy a downtown property she can rent out for a profit. Although she's confident to make a fortune, she's nervous about property management and has a lot of questions.

EP 10

Financially Fit
Physically and financially fit, Karen and Cliff has got a healthy down payment. But as the keeper of the cash, Karen wants to keep the price tag well below their maximum budget.

EP 9

First Impressions
Civil engineers, Thomas and Runi have saved up a healthy down payment, and are hoping to find a spacious Texas dream home to fit their lofty expectations.

EP 8

Opposites Align
Soon-to-be married Britney and Guthrie hope to buy a home that will cost less than their current rental. But while he dreams of a spacious garage, she has got other ideas.

EP 7

Contemporary Couple
Tired of their one-hour commute and desperate for privacy and more space, JP and Crystal want to move into a home of their own which is modern and also within the city limits.

EP 6

Top Rated
Ed and Courtney want to buy a home where they can settle down to start a family. They have a long checklist, but Ed also has some reservations about the current housing market.

EP 5

No Sacrifices
Julie and Phil want to put down roots and give their canine companion a luxurious home in a prime neighborhood. But with their long wish list, are they in for a shocker?

EP 4

Big City Break
After three years of saving, small-town bartender Jason wants to move out of his parents home and into the condo of his dreams. But is he ready for the competitive property market?

EP 3

Best Laid Plans
Heather and Steve want to buy a detached suburban home where they can start a family. They've saved up and have high hopes to match, but are these property virgins in for a shock?

EP 2

Best friends from college, Amy and Shelley are ready to become homeowners, and they've decided to pool their resources to find a townhouse with a spacious backyard for two.

EP 1

She Said Yes!
Future newlyweds and property virgins Natalie and Kareem are ready to buy a home for their future family. Can they find a home that can satisfy their budget and high expectations?