Real Houses Of…

Premieres 10th August 2017

Thursday 10:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

About The Show


EP 4

Venice Beach
Discover the beauty of plywood in a treehouse for grown-ups, and play with colour in an eccentric "hovering" home. Real Houses of Venice are laid back and full of fun.

EP 3

Giddy up at an urban cowboy's ranch and wander through a whimsical townhouse wonderland. Real houses of Brooklyn are edgy, eccentric and always fabulous.

EP 2

Santa Monica
Set sail in a dream home designed to look like a yacht and get sweet on a colourful cottage in the city. Real houses in Santa Monica are the essence of California cool.

EP 1

The Hamptons
Bask in waves of luxury at an artsy ocean chateau and see the future in a glass box that's sci-fi chic. In the Hamptons, houses are awash in cutting-edge design.