Restaurant Startup S2

Premieres 2nd April 2017

Sunday 9:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

1 hour

Season 2

About The Show


EP 10

The Food of the Future
This week, Joe Bastianich and Tim Love must choose between mad scientists – mad food scientists, that is, each with a unique approach to molecular gastronomy!

EP 9

Small Markets, Big Dreams
This week, two successful catering companies fight for the chance to score an investment from Joe and Tim. Which team will get a shot at their dream restaurant?

EP 8

Pie vs. Pie
This week, it's pie versus pie in the ultimate pastry showdown. Which piemaker will get the opportunity to launch a pop-up?

EP 7

The Ultimate Cockfight
This week, it's an all-out cockfight as Joe and Tim choose between two tasty chicken concepts. Which team will get the chance to launch the restaurant of their dreams in L.A.?

EP 6

Movin' Out
Two restaurants are struggling in their current spot and think a new location is all they need in order to thrive. Will either team get the money they need to start moving out?

EP 5

From The Streets
Investors Joe and Tim hear pitches from two teams, each with multiple food trucks. Will either of these teams earn the investment they need to get off the streets?

EP 4

Seconds, Please!
This week, Joe and Tim hear from restaurateurs who want to expand their reach and revenue by opening a second location. Which concept has better profit potential?

EP 3

Young Hustlers
Our investors struggle to decide between two young and hungry teams from the restaurant capital of the world: New York City. Which team will get the opportunity to open a pop-up?

EP 2

The Comeback Cook
Joe and Tim hear from two entrepreneurs who had to put their culinary dreams on hold. Will either team get the money and mentorship they need to make the ultimate comeback?

EP 1

Visions of Vietnamese
In the season premiere, two teams pitch Vietnamese-inspired concepts. Will it be out with the old and in with the new? Or will Joe and Tim stick to the tried and true?