Sarah Graham’s Food Safari

Premieres 9th March 2017

1 hour

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EP 10

Imiri Rhino Conservation Sanctuary
Having lived in Harare after graduating from University, Sarah still has many friends and family living there. She visits the Travers family at Imiri Wildlife Conservancy.

EP 9

Bushman's Rock, Zimbabwe
The family heads off to nearby Bushman's Rock, another beautiful wildlife sanctuary. This gorgeous spot is home to Rob's sister, Justy, and her husband, Jono.

EP 8

Chundu Island, Zambia
It's an early start for the group as they set off further up-river for the adventure of Chundu Island Safari Camp where Sarah cooks a meal for her family.

EP 7

Livingstone, Zambia
Sarah makes a stop at Livingstone to inspect the Lion Conservation Centre. Dinner is served at sunset on the banks of the river before everyone heads off for a good night's sleep.

EP 6

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge
Makuwakuwa, is famous for its warthog steaks. Sarah learns the recipe from the restaurants' head chef, and cooks a couple of other favourite recipes to enjoy at sunset.

EP 5

Sheila's Dinner
Sarah catches up with Sheila, a Safari Camp Chef for over 20 years. The two share cooking tips while preparing a traditional evening meal of chicken livers and aromatic goat stew.

EP 4

Volunteer Dinner
Sarah gets cooking to welcome a new group of volunteers for the Antelope Park Lion Rehabilitation Project with a delicious feast.

EP 3

Bush Walk and Breakfast
After a sunrise walking safari, one of her favourite things to do in the world, Sarah whips up a scrumptious bush breakfast for her family.

EP 2

Fig Tree
Arriving on elephant back in the late afternoon, Sarah's guests experience a spectacular feast under starry skies at one of Sarah's favourite spots.

EP 1

Sarah returns to her home in Antelope Park. Before a quick lake-side brunch with her Mum and Dad, Sarah heads off to see the newest additions to the Lion Rehabilitation Centre.