Selling New York S2

Friday 11:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

1 hour

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EP 9

Hot Property!
Kleier's boss Michele searches for a new agent but finds it hard to make a decision, while Core CEO searches for a last minute rental for his vacation before it's too late.

EP 8

Big City Dreams
Country star Clay Walker wants a New York home but is shocked by the prices while a San Francisco artist wants a space to live and work in a trendy area.

EP 7

Launch Pad
Core agent Maggie works with a new client who wants an upgrade so he can stay in Manhattan. Elsewhere, Warburg agent Richard helps a friend find the perfect Los Angeles pad.

EP 6

Dream Homes!
The Kleiers find it hard to meet the demands of a wealthy bachelor who wants a lifestyle change and Core's Kirk gets frustrated when a divorcee waffles on the offer of a lifetime.

EP 5

Real Estate, Friends & Neighbors
Samantha works with her friend who's torn between the city or the suburbs while Deborah tries to convince a client to try staying in his Manhattan apartment before selling it.

EP 4

The Price Is Right
A design-savvy couple entrusts the sale of their Brooklyn townhouse to Core. Elsewhere, a client and friend of Kleier's agent is out of touch with the Manhattan Market.

EP 3

Getting the Buy In!
The Kleiers find it hard to find a buyer for a private island home outside the city while Core holds a different event to find the right buyer for a Park Avenue Apartment.

EP 2

Smells Like A Deal
Core has to sell luxury apartments nearby a city sanitation facility while Warburg takes on a star's Tribeca listing and discovers the loft's rooftop is actually a hard sell.

EP 1

Developing A Deal
The Kleiers must sell a $9-million penthouse asap while broker Richard gets stressed out over a model suite's transformation when it slows down his ability to sell other units.