Style Like It S2

Premieres 24th June 2017

Saturday 10:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

30 minute

Season 2

About The Show


EP 10

Different ways of eating tripes
Tripe may make some stomachs turn, but many others treasure it. Learn how to eat tripes in different and delicious ways.

EP 9

Trendy printing house
Follow Lee Gyu-han and Han Hye-jin to a trendy printing house and join them making a Style Like It! poster with the hottest colours.

EP 8

Unique multi-cultural complex hotel
The hosts encounter three designers' sleepless working space in a unique multi-cultural complex hotel with a wide variety of fashion items, including bags, clothes and jewellery.

EP 7

Nostalgic trip in retro caf
Let's go back to the 1920’s with our two MCs, Lee Gyu-han and Han Hye-jin and discover a retro café with the concept of the time of enlightenment.

EP 6

DIY woodshop in the underground
Lee Gyu-han and Han Hye-jin visit a DIY woodshop in the underground. Plus, they try their hand on DIY items.

EP 5

Craft beer tour
Get to know food that suits beer the best and discover a whole new world of chicken plus beer with Lee Gyu-han and Han Hye-jin.

EP 4

The trendiest hanbok
Discover the trendiest hanbok inside a trendy hanbok studio in South Korea. Plus, watch our hosts' mini hanbok fashion show and get to make-your-own hanbok!

EP 3

Oasis in the city
Today our two MCs, Lee Gyu-han and Han Hye-jin visit an oasis in the city of Seoul, a “Spa Café”. Plus, Han Hye-jin shares the recipe to her detox juice!

EP 2

Actor Lee Gyu-han and supermodel Han Hye-jin reveals the latest trending item in fall season, including camping items, outdoor outfits and workout clothes.

EP 1

Indoor surfing
Today, our two MCs, Lee Gyu-han and Han Hye-jin test their surfing skill, without travelling to the coast - they'll be going to an indoor surfing centre!