The Expandables

Premieres 8th February 2017

Wednesday 10:00 PM (MY/SIN/HK)

1 hour

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EP 12

Chaos Reins
Two boys and ten years later, Laura and Mike have outgrown their house. The basement has been taken over by their young boys and Laura now feels trapped in her kitchen.

EP 11

From Hair Salon to Family Home
Kristina and Daniel's kitchen is vexingly on the second floor and their only shower is too gross to use. Now they have decide between eating at a kids table or baths over showers.

EP 10

Up or Down
Sabrina and Daryl once described their house as cute and adorable, but now, their dysfunctional space has left them in disarray. Could you imagine cooking out of the garage?!

EP 9

A Happy but A Crowded Life
When Dayana and Steve first moved in, their house felt enormous. Then came the wedding, a dog, and a baby. They are left to decide between a working kitchen or a laundry room.

EP 8

Four Storeys and Five Years Ago
Angela and Tavis have turned into a family of four and the house is proving to be a test for their expanding family. Now Angela's parents are moving in. Where will they sleep?

EP 7

Everything in its Place
Due to lack in space, Heather and Graham will need to decide between a functional jam-packed basement or a separate office and master suite bathroom on the second or third floor.

EP 6

Bring in the Light
Stacey and Omer feel like prisoners in a dungeon. Mia and Rob are up for the task of creating a light filled functional space but will an unexpected discovery run them over budget?

EP 5

World War Three
Tessa and Phil's son and daughter fight non-stop because they share a bedroom. Rob and Mia need to find them a solution fast, before world war three breaks out in their house!

EP 4

From Maze to Masterful
Sasha and Scott's house layout is beyond strange. The master bedroom has a walk in closet inside a bathroom! Rob and Mia vie for bragging rights and create an amazing space.

EP 3

Reno Lullaby
Alex and Alexie are new parents. A sound sleep for them is now a luxury! Rob and Mia, will need to solve all their issues, but will a stinky obstacle get in their way?

EP 2

My Space
With a tiny master bathroom that can barely fit two people and a sauna that functions as a storage closet, Krista and Vinh called Rob and Mia to help build an oasis for adults.

EP 1

Cramping My Style
Gary and Irina have a small house, two kids and not enough space. Mia and Rob present two great design solutions. They just have to make one big design decision.